Sep 7, 2023
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    Certain crafting recipes, such as using Diamonds to craft Diamond Blocks, can be done without a crafting grid via the /condense command.
    Condensing refers to the usage of the /condense or /cnd command to convert several items into their condensed forms, or forms of items that are normally obtainable via crafting with several of the their non-condensed counterparts. In other words, certain (but not all) items that have a 2x2 or 3x3 crafting pattern of the same material in the crafting grid can be quickly crafted via this method.

    Condensing is available to players with certain supporter ranks or features.

    Main Network:


    Permissions and Usage(top)

    • /condense hand or /cnd hand
      • Base command for condensing items.
      • Converts certain items into their condensed counterparts. (i.e. 9x Redstone to 1x Redstone Block.
    • /condense all
      • Will condense all items that can be reversed to their uncondensed counterparts.
      • Refer to the Which items can be condensed? section for a list of items that are condensed under this command.
    • /condense allnorev
      • Will condense all items, regardless of their reversibility.
      • Refer to the Which items can be condensed? section for a list of items that are condensed under this command.
    Any wrong parameters entered into the Condense command, such as /condense hnd will be treated as /condense hand.

    Access to condensing can be obtained through purchasing certain features for either the Main Network or Skyblock servers. On the Main Network, users must have the ExtCommandsPlus2 feature to use /condense. Likewise, in Skyblock, users with the VIP rank or greater have access to /condense.

    Which items can be condensed?(top)

    The following tables list all items that are condensed with the different parameters of the /condense command.

    /condense all
    and /condense hand
    Item Used Result Item
    9x Bone Meal 1x Bone Block
    9x Coal 1x Coal Block
    9x Copper 1x Copper Block
    9x Diamond 1x Diamond Block
    9x Dried Kelp 1x Dried Kelp Block
    9x Emerald 1x Emerald Block
    9x Gold Nugget 1x Gold Ingot
    9x Gold Ingot 1x Gold Block
    9x Iron Nugget 1x Iron Ingot
    9x Iron Ingot 1x Iron Block
    9x Lapis Lazuli 1x Lapis Lazuli Block
    9x Netherite Ingot 1x Netherite Block
    9x Raw Copper 1x Raw Copper Block
    9x Raw Gold 1x Raw Gold Block
    9x Raw Iron 1x Raw Iron Block
    9x Redstone 1x Redstone Block
    9x Slime Ball 1x Slime Block
    9x Wheat 1x Hay Block

    /condense allnorev
    Includes all items condensed with /condense all, along with:
    Item Used Result Item
    4x Amethyst Shard 1x Amethyst Block
    9x Bamboo 1x Bamboo Block
    4x Brick 1x Brick Block
    4x Clay Ball 1x Clay Block
    4x Glowstone Dust 1x Glowstone Block
    9x Ice 1x Packed Ice
    4x Magma Cream 1x Magma Block
    9x Melon Slice 1x Melon Block
    4x Nether Brick 1x Nether Brick Block
    9x Nether Wart 1x Nether Wart Block
    9x Packed Ice 1x Blue Ice
    4x Popped Chorus Fruit 1x Purpur Block
    9x Prismarine Shard 1x Prismarine Bricks
    4x Quartz 1x Quartz Block
    4x Rabbit Hide 1x Leather
    4x Red Sand 1x Red Sandstone
    4x Sand 1x Sandstone
    4x Snowball 1x Snow Block
    4x String 1x White Wool
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