(Main) ExtCommandsPlus2

Apr 20, 2020
(Main) ExtCommandsPlus2

  • Extended Commands Plus2 - ($) 50(top)

    *Feature is available in Rising/Nether/End/Mining!*

    The Extended Commands Plus2 upgrade has some awesome features to make your mining experience more enjoyable and productive!

    /condense hand -or- /cnd
    -Will only convert the item in your hand if it is reversible.​
    /condense all
    -Will convert all reversible items​
    /condense allnorev
    -Will convert all items, regardless of the reversibility.​
    • Use this command to condense all items into their more compacted form. For exmaple if your have 70 gold ingots on you, using the /condense command will change this into 7 gold blocks and 7 gold ingots. A nice little shortcut to crafting.
    • There are various uses for this command. Using just the /condense hand|all command will condense everything in your inventory into its compacted form, however items that cannot be converted back will stay the same as a precaution to accidentally Condensing unwanted items, use /condense allnorev to convert items that cannot be reversed as well.
    • For example if you have iron ingots, gold ingot, diamonds, and string, using just /condense hand|all will condense everything into their compacted forms other than string.
    • To condense absolutely everything including the string from the above example use the command /condense allnorev. Alternately to condense just one item, use the command /condense hand, if the item in your hand is non-reversible then you must use /condense allnorev.
    • See the Condensing page for a list of items that work with /condense.
    • Use this command to pull up a portable disposal inventory. This works exactly like the Disposal sign available in the ExtCreations package.
      • Items placed in this inventory will be removed once the inventory is closed.
    /nightvision -or- /nv
    • Use this command to enable nightvision. It will be permanently enabled until you either toggle it back off with the /nightvision command once more, change worlds, or log out of the server! This is a great little feature to see things more clearly when mining!
    • Use this command to open up an anvil anywhere you are! No more teleporting to your designated anvil locations. Simply use the command to open up an anvil immediately for ultimate lazyness satisfaction!
    /powertool a:<command>
    • Add more than one powertool to an item. For example, to add /sell dirt, /sell stone and /balance to one item you would run the following commands while holding said item:
      1. /powertool sell dirt
      2. /powertool a:sell stone
      3. /powertool a:balance
    • Any abuse of the powertool append feature with several commands causing any sort of server lag, abuse, or noticeable internal side effects will result in getting the ExtCommandsPlus2 package removed from your account. This is a very powerful ability which also bypasses our powertool cooldown, use it with extreme care. Powertool spam is still against the rules.
    Automatic Tool / Armor / Shears / Bows / Fishing Rods / Tridents / Flint & Steel Repair
    • With ExtCommandsPlus2 your tools(other than gold tools), armor, shears, bows, fishing rods, tridents, and flint & steel will automatically repair themselves. The way this works is as such: There is a constant repair attempt starting at 50% remaining durability to ensure you never have to worry about repairing a tool or piece of armor yourself again. Furthermore if it doesn't work the first time due to some sort of mcMMO ability / etc, it will continue to try while below 50%. If you notice your tool is far under 50%, we still recommend you use the normal /repair command in the case your automatic repair possibly malfunctions (something that should not happen, but as always, bugs do occur. Be sure to report such a situation to us via https://ecocitycraft.com/help).
    Anvil Tool Coloring
    • You have the ability to color your tools using an anvil! Do this by using regular minecraft color codes. Please note the code "k" is blocked. As well if you are renaming a previously colored tool be sure to delete everything out of the box first as custom code from the plugin will remain even though you do not see it. Use ctrl+a to select everything in the box and hit your backspace key.
    Visit our shop to purchase this feature!
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