It is now possible to connect to ECC with 1.19 on your Minecraft client.

However, we still recommend that you use 1.18.2 when connecting to our Main & other servers, and 1.12.2 when connecting to Skyblock. This compatibility update is primarily for new players who are looking for servers on their 1.19 clients.

You are free to report any bugs that come with running 1.19 at However, the issues will most likely be already known/reported and we, again, advise you to use 1.18.2 if you want to avoid such issues.

This is not a server update to 1.19! This thread/update only pertains to your ability to connect to ECC with a 1.19 client. New features (ie blocks, mechanics, etc.) that come with 1.19+ are not impacted by this update.

The Legendary EcoCityCraft Mythic Sword can now be upgraded to Level 2 and Level 3 for a boost in your sell percentage!

L1 Mythic Sword: 5% Sell Bonus
L2 Mythic Sword: 10% Sell Bonus
L3 Mythic Sword: 15% Sell Bonus
The Mythic sell bonus only works when Magic is enabled!

Users with newly added WizardPlus3 feature may upgrade a single Mythic Sword via /mythicupgrade for free once every 90 days (Main server only!).


Any user on ECC may upgrade a Mythic Sword at any time via /mythicupgradeecd for a hefty price of $25,000,000 EcoDollars! Wizard features are not required for the EcoDollar method!
Theme Change + Rare Kits Reset!
Use "/server vmr" or visit the lobby to access the VMR portal.



Down The Rabbit Hole!

Theme suggested by @DrowningInPizza via this thread.

Sale prices are as follows:
Rabbit Hide - $5
Raw Rabbit - $5
Rabbit's Foot - $25
Leather Jacket - $12.50
Clock - $100
Carrot - $0.50
Golden Carrot - $5

Leader boards can be found here:
Main news post regarding release/more information can be found here.
Don't forget to use your free /kit rare as well as any other rare kits you own as they reset on VMR reset![/COLOR]
Dragon changes!
Pet EnderDragons are finally out of beta!
Use the following commands to spawn and ride your dragons!

/dragon spawn - Spawn's you your dragon. (1 max)
/dragon remove [radius] - Removes a dragon near you or in a specific radius between 1-20.
/dragon locate - Show you where your dragon is on the current server. Click to remove them.
Right click dragon - Allows you to fly on your dragon. **PetRider / FlyingPlus** not required.
Space bar while riding dragon - Shoot fireballs, these are currently cosmetic only. We don't think it's a good idea for these to actually hurt players/mobs. (Or do we? :thinking: )

Work in progress:
- Allow pet dragons to be spawned with a name tag.
- Allow pet dragons to follow you with a toggle players can use.
- Easier removal of dragons without having to use the locate command.

Pets located on our store via:

Mining, Nether and End worlds have been reset on the Main/MainNorth servers!

Don't forget to get your Mining spawner keys nice and early!

Access these worlds via the following commands:
Main Servers:
/warp mining
/warp nether
/warp end

PS: Skyblock world (nether/end) resets happen just once a season -> during the beginning of the season.

:cat: End of Spring Sale Launched! :cat:

- We have scrapped in-game coupons to make things easier!
- The store is now featuring a 55% off sale across the network until the end of spring!
- Crypto purchases get a 50% bonus on top! - Visit for more information!

- Any basket purchases over $200 (cannot use GiftCard) in one transaction are eligible for the following promo:
- - Free Patron Rank & Free Forum Premium
- - Please contact me (click here) via forum pm regarding your purchase so that I may apply it to your account!

:eek: Promo Crates are BACK! :eek:
All purchases with a cart value of $100 (cannot use GiftCard) will be eligible for a Promo Crate per $100 spent!
During previous promotions many users spinning these crates chose the Wizard ($400) feature as their winnings during spins! And this is not to mention other possibilities such as upgrading from 100 spawners -> 200 spawners! ($5,000 upgrade)

:cool: Triple Mythic Sword Promo! :cool:
The Mythic sword promo is back!
This one is a TRIPLE giveaway!
- One will be for promo ticket holders only.
- Two will be for promo & normal ticket holders.

:bookworm: How to acquire tickets :bookworm:
Acquiring tickets is easy.
Spinning a God Drop in game (doesn't have to be purchased for real money!) = 1 normal ticket.
Spinning a Promo Crate in game (can only be acquired with real money, details above) = 1 promo ticket + 5 normal tickets!

Promo Crates Terms & Conditions
- Cart must be real money only.
- - Crypto purchases bypass this & get reward promo crates for crypto spent....
ECC 3.0 is underway, and while everyone continues to get settled down on the new map it is time to expand the team to prepare for ECC summer!

Feel free to apply if you are interested in taking on extra duties helping out around the community and helping new and returning players feel welcome!

Be sure to be familiar with the staff standards, which you can find here:
Staff Standards

You can find the application format and the rules for applying here:
Staff Application and Rules

Staff Application Forum:
Staff Applications Forum

We look forward to your applications! :)
We are now LIVE on 1.18.2 on the Main and MainNorth servers, you may now JOIN AND PLAY and start scoping out your new land.

Town Migration Applications can be filed immediately! The EcoCityCreaft 3.0 Migration Period is free of charge and will last for 60 days, after that time we will revert to the Archive WorldEdit Application process.

Just a few things to expect:
Region placements will likely happen throughout the day as the GameAdmins get to them just like the normal application process. The GA's will also be adding a ``chest-access -g non_members`` deny flag to your towns as part of the process.

Town Features:
After your towns are placed you can reclaim your purchased town features by filling out the relevant Relocation application for your feature. As in a warp being reset will need a Town Warp Relocation application. They have fields to account for the transfer.

Build Transfers:
The GA's will tag me if you have filed for a build transfer, it will not be done at the same time as the region/protection placement.
Because these are large edits I will be planning to do them during the off-peak hours, I likely will also do several at a time. You can expect your build transfer to be handled within 48 hours.

If you have questions about your build transfer you can contact me via Discord DM or Forum PM.

You can check out all the rules/specifics of migrating your town via this wiki page:

General Applications:
Apps are not reserved for just town migrations, you may of course file for any other applications at this time.

Chest Spaces:
If you applied for one of the chest-transfer spaces, you are already added to your space and you will need to re-lock the doors to access your things (/warp chests)!

Happy grinding everyone!
The Archive update has been completed.

I completely underestimated the work that was needed of me, and as always several issues arose.
No need to say sorry for the millionth time, as it's getting stupid and old now, the dead-ass truth is, I've procrastinated for 3-4 months since the start of 2022, and so much work has piled up ECC wise, that catching up has been a mission and a half. There's only so much I can do while staying sane, having 3-4 months of back log, in the sense of Minecraft internals, plugin updates, code changes, and everything moving along, while I paid no attention to it*. Normally, through, these past 11 years of ECC, I've always stayed on top of things, and the longest I let things go was 2 weeks, and even that would stress me wildly. This time, I dead ass let shit go for 3-4 months. So yeah. It became a mess. BUT IT'S DONE!

So, regarding Archive:

We have done our best to cover all bases to ensure you all a smooth transition to the new Main server as promised.
This included going so far as to import Main server LWC databases onto the Archive server (not an easy task!) so your protections continue to exist!

Here are a few important general points:
- Your balances are SAFE on the Main servers.
- Your balances are SAFE on the Forum bank.
- Your items (inventory, enderchest, etc) are all SAFE in your player files located on the Main servers.
- Your TravelBags are all SAFE and will be available, once again, on the Main servers.
- Town Transfers will be available, FREE OF CHARGE for 60 days past the Main server launch date.
- - The Town transfer period will be known as the ECC 3.0 Migration Period for future reference.

And now, here are a few important Archive points:
- All Archive player files (inventory, enderchest, etc) have been wiped. (TEMPORARILY).
- - These will be fully restored once the ECC 3.0 Migration Period has concluded!
- All Archive...
Calling all EcoCityCraft's PvPers!


We are hosting a month-long Survival Games Tournament!

Over the next month the SG (/sgs) server will play host to daily tournament games, with each day having doors open at a specific time, different from the last. Doors will stay open for only 3 hours each session! This is to ensure we have active games when they happen as opposed to 24/7 open doors with the potential for off-peak team abuse. After the final games, the standings will be locked. Final games will be played Sunday night on May 22nd, 2022. In-game & Discord reminders will happen across the server so you don't miss out. Everything will be fully automated.

Tournament arenas open at:
All times are in Eastern Standard Time!
  • Monday: 8am - 11am
  • Tuesday: 10am - 1pm
  • Wednesday: 12pm - 3pm
  • Thursday: 2pm - 5pm
  • Friday: 4pm - 7pm
  • Saturday: 6pm - 9pm
  • Sunday: 8pm - 11pm
At the end of the tournament the player who made it to the Top Wins & Top Kills leaderboards will win an exclusive 2022 SG Tournament event medal unique to this event. This will be your ONLY chance to earn this exclusive medal. Players who earn this medal will also be awarded the Events Prestige!

-If you have already earned an events prestige you may still participate for the medal/prizes but you will not be awarded a second Events prestige.

This medal is part of our 10th and final prestige level!
Check out our news post regarding this for more information: The 10th Prestige

Complete Prize Lineup:

1st Place Top Wins: $150 GiftCard + 3 GodDrops + Events Prestige & Medal
2nd Place Top...