Theme Change + Rare Kits Reset!
Use "/server vmr" or visit the lobby to access the VMR portal.



Autumn's in the Air!

Theme suggested by @socksforsupper via this thread.

Sale prices are as follows:
Pumpkin Pie $12
Pumpkin $1
Carved Pumpkin $3
Jack o'Lantern $6
Apple $5
Golden Apple $25
Enchanted Golden Apple $50
Azaela Leaves $1
Spruce Leaves $1
Birch Leaves $1
Oak Leaves $1
Dark Oak $1
Jungle Leaves $1
Sticks $1
Hay Bales $10
Wheat $1
Carrots $1
Beetroot $1
Potato $1
Sugar Cane $0.50
Bones $1
Cobweb $5
String $1

Leader boards can be found here:
Main news post regarding release/more information can be found here.
Don't forget to use your free /kit rare as well as any other rare kits you own as they reset on VMR reset!

Be sure to join our Discord as it is the #1 source for continuous news on EcoCityCraft!
The forum news section is not used as much as it once was, unless there is something absolutely major happening.
For daily news please visit our discord via:

You can now also link your Minecraft account to our Discord server!
Use command /discord link in game for more information.

Linking your Minecraft account to our Discord will allow you to attach your EcoCityCraft ranks to your Discord user, as well as get you ready nice and early for any future integrations we may add.

Our Discord bots will also alert the entire Discord on every global Magic Hour purchase as well, so be sure to keep your alerts on in the #magic-discussion channel to always be ready!
October Spooky Sale is Activated!
Expires October 30th, 11:59PM EST!

All Monthly Magic Hours & GodDrops are an additional 25% off on top of the running 2021 sale!
Coupon code spooky40 has been activated for an added 40% off the store!

All GodDrop packages via ( have been heavily reduced!
Combine this with the above coupon & any other coupons you may have + our sale for tons of spins this October!

Thank you everyone for your continued support!
Monthly Magic Hours + Free Monthly Magic Hour Launched!

Free command is:
/kit magichourfree - (Adds 1 hour)

Paid commands are:
1st upgrade: /kit magichour1 (Adds 1 hour)
2nd upgrade: /kit magichour3 (Adds 2 hours)
3rd upgrade: /kit magichour5 (Adds 2 hours)
4th upgrade: /kit magichour10 (Adds 5 hours)
5th upgrade: /kit magichour15 (Adds 5 hours)
6th upgrade: /kit magichour24 (Adds 9 hours)

Read about them here:
Purchase via:
Advertising has begun for October, we are expecting plenty of new players. As a result we are looking to expand the team!
Feel free to apply if you are interested in taking on extra duties helping out around the community and helping our new incoming players feel welcome!

Be sure to be familiar with the staff standards, which you can find here:
Staff Standards

You can find the application format and the rules for applying here:
Staff Application Rules

Staff Application Forum:
Staff Apps

We look forward to your applications! :)
Mining, Nether and End worlds have been reset on the Main/MainNorth servers!

Don't forget to get your Mining spawner keys nice and early!

Access these worlds via the following commands:
Main Servers:
/warp mining
/warp nether
/warp end

PS: Skyblock world (nether/end) resets happen just once a season -> during the beginning of the season.
Hey there fellow ECCGamers,

Following up on my newfound hobby of revamping User Interfaces (which I made the /mythics menu from scratch) I have gone and overhauled the /travel command.
Now featuring submenus (click the green books) for easier navigation, the /travel command has been brought back from the grave for a modern look to ECC 2.0!
My hope is to bring more to the community that everyone can find useful and easy to use. Look forward for more updates to GUI menus with help from @ClarinetPhoenix!

If anyone has ideas on menus that I can create, feel free to PM me on the forums or file a suggestion.
Main & MainNorth are now LIVE in BETA 1.17.1 Release!

You should now be using a 1.17.1 client to connect to EcoCityCraft. Any lower versions will only allow you to connect to Lobby/Skyblock.

Please note the following known issues:
- Auctions is broken.
- CoinFlip is broken.
- SafeTrade is broken.
- EnderDragon Pet is broken.
- Snowman Pet is broken.
- Endermite Pet is invisible.
- GlowSquid Pet is invisible.​

Should you experience any issues that are not stated above during the BETA please report them to us via
Work will begin on all broken issues starting Monday.
We will of course be around should there be any critical major issues.
In the rare but possible occurrence of exploitation, rollbacks may follow.
1.17.1 has come to VMR and with it the increased requirements to complete the VMR Booklet!

To complete the VMR Booklet you now need to achieve 1099 items!
We are giving away God Drops and EcoDollars to the first users to complete this goal!
Fill in and complete(achieve) your entire booklet to win!

The prizes are as such:

1st - 3 God Drops + 1,000,000 EcoDollars!
2nd - 2 God Drops + 500,000 EcoDollars!
3rd - 1 God Drop + 250,000 EcoDollars!

When you complete the new Booklet send a forum PM to @ClarinetPhoenix with a screenshot of your VMR Booklet Leaderboard status to claim your prize.
Thanks to @Videowiz92 we now have a nice handy and convenient user interface for the Mythic Sword!

Use this menu to quickly select a Star Tool or max level Magic Tool mythic form!
You can access this interface with the command /mythics

You can still use all the other (non-max) mythic forms with /mythic <toolname>