Mining, Nether and End worlds have been reset on the Main City server!
Nether & End worlds have been reset on the SkyBlock server!

Don't forget to get your Mining spawner keys nice and early!

Access these worlds via the following commands:
Main City Server:
/warp mining
/warp nether
/warp end

SkyBlock Server:
/warp end
Nether requires a nether portal on your island
Congratulations @Jackson_G14 for winning our very first Town of the Month with Aerilon!

Congratulations @wolfwoodnyo too as Co-Owner of Aerilon!

Visit the portal at spawn or /warp Aerilon to visit the town for yourself!

@Jackson_G14 awarded Prestige + Town of the Month medal.

Read more about the Town of the Month here!
Custom Chat Channel Rules simply do not exist.
The EcoCityCraft staff will not act on any reports / issues in custom chat channels, unless they literally break federal law. If you are unhappy with a custom chat channel please use the /ch leave [channel] command.

Channel owners set rules. Period.
More information on custom channels here:
Custom Chat Channels are now available for sale!
(We highly urge all users to use the /ch list command to see if a name is available to avoid major issues.
Scroll through the pages with /ch list 2, /ch list 3, etc.)

Information on Custom Chat Channel's can be found here:

Purchasing capability is located via our shop at:
(Keep in mind, as this is in our Global section, it is 50% off during sales! As such, with our coupon drops, the chat channels will go for as low as $40!).
We are once again accepting applications for the Staff team. This is an opportunity to take on a more responsible role and get more involved in helping EcoCityCraft thrive and grow! :)

As always, make sure to read the basic requirements and that you meet them before you apply.
Staff Application Guidelines

We look forward to reading your application.

Good luck to everyone!
It has been nearly a year since /sell hand on Main was disabled and our intentions to reset were announced and well over 6 months since the reset itself. With the reset, many things, such as towns, tools and money were lost as users had to start from scratch and build their way back up again on the new main. However, loans, albeit at a steep, 90% discount, passed onto main nevertheless. But that's about to change.

As of this post, any and all debts that were incurred on the main economy/towns server before the reset (October 27th, 2018), are null and void. These will not be enforced by the staff team, regardless of size or circumstance. Any and all users who are currently banned for breach of contract/scamming pre-reset will not be required to pay any compensation upon being unbanned. Simply put, in terms of debts, everyone is now on a clean slate from Archive.

Why are you doing this?
This new policy was devised in context of the fact that we've been running for nearly a decade now, and as an economy server, there have been literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of different transactions undertaken. It simply isn't reasonable to expect users to have that good of a memory to have precise recollections of the details transactions undertaken years ago, let alone relevant evidence from that period. If you'd ask me about some loan I took out in 2015, of course I wouldn't remember - It's been nearly half a decade ago!

We could also, alternatively, have administrators do a logdive for each and every transaction. But that's impossible. We have lives, believe it or not, and undertaking such a tremendous task would basically bring administration to a standstill. No more time for staff management, tool searches, etc. - All the work we do is now chasing down various 2013 transactions. It'd be insane.

Will debts be reset again?
Ask me again in 2030.

Seriously though, we have absolutely NO...
Theme Change + Rare Kits Reset!
Use "/server vmr" or visit the lobby to access the VMR portal.



Deep Dive

Theme suggested by @happnat via this thread.

Sale prices are as follows:
Salmon - $2
Pufferfish - $3
Cod - $2
Tropical Fish - $4
Kelp - $1
Prismarine - $10
Coral Blocks - $5
Coral - $2
Sea Lantern - $50

Leader boards can be found here:
Main news post regarding release/more information can be found here.
Don't forget to use your free /kit rare as well as any other rare kits you own as they reset on VMR reset!
EcoCityCraft Prestige!

To the days of "prestiging in the first month and leaving SkyBlock until the next season" we say no more!
Introducing SkyBlock's 4th, and EcoCityCraft's 9th Prestige!


The top 3 users at the end of every SkyBlock season will receive a bonus prestige! (1x max).
Defend your top spots and keep striving to be the best island! Good Luck!

PS: Yes, this means you can technically receive two Prestiges in one SkyBlock season.
I have confirmed that there is in fact a way to help users carry items across after we launch Main City Network.
This will work with the player vaults users have in their accounts.


Once a week (or month) [yet to decide] I will sell a transfer token via
Once the sales on tokens close, during the next maintenance period, I will manually move user's vaults around.

Main -> Main North
Main North -> Main

Each token will allow you to transfer every vault in your account.
So if you're that crazy player with 91 max vaults, you'll be able to transfer 314,496 items with just one token!
When it comes to what can be transferred, the answer is, if it can currently go into your player vault, it can be transferred. Feel free to test it out in game now. We've already successfully tested basically all items, tools, star tools, etc.

And yes, the tokens will only be sold once every week (or month) as it is a manual process by me, and I cannot have constant token purchases coming in and piling up, with users constantly asking when the next transfer will take place.

PS: Player vaults are available right now during our big sale via: