TownControlPlus2 users now have access to our very resource intensive movement flags.
(There is no guarantee these will always be available on EcoCityCraft, however, at this time, we are giving them a shot, as I have been informed by the authors of our region control plugins that performance has increased tremendously over the past 5+ years, as such, we have enabled these flags!)

Entry Flag
/rg flag <townname> entry <allow/deny/none>
Example: /rg flag spawn entry deny
  • Whether non owners/members are allowed to enter the region

Entry Deny Message Flag
/rg flag <townname> entry-deny-message <deny message with or without color codes!>
Example: /rg flag spawn entry-deny-message &1&lHalt! You can't go here!
Above result: Screenshot.
  • The message that appears in chat upon entering the region

Greeting Flag
/rg flag <townname> greeting <greeting message with or without color codes!>
Example: /rg flag spawn greeting &c&lHey there! Welcome to the &6&lSpawn&c&l!
Above result: Screenshot.
  • The message that appears in chat upon entering the region

Greeting Title Flag
/rg flag <townname> greeting-title <greeting message with or without color codes!>
You may use \n to make a subtitle below the title.
Example: /rg flag spawn greeting-title &1&lHey there!\n&fWelcome to the &6&lSpawn&1&l!
Above result: Screenshot.
  • The message that appears on screen upon entering the region

Farewell Flag
/rg flag <townname> farewell <farewell message with or without color codes!>
Example: /rg flag spawn farewell &1&lGoodbye! Come back soon!
  • The message that appears in chat upon leaving...
EcoCityCraft is getting hyped up for what may be our busiest summer season in years! With the influx of new players and so many exciting things going on we are definitely looking for some extra help on the Staff team!

The EcoCityCraft Staff team is an opportunity for you to give back to the server by spending your time and energy contributing to the community and helping EcoCityCraft grow and thrive! We always appreciate the time and effort put in by our current and retired Staff members doing just that. :)

On that note I would like to announce that Staff applications are now open! Please apply if you are interested in helping out.
Don't forget to read the basic requirements and the application rules before you apply!
Staff Application Guidelines

We look forward to reading your application.
Good Luck!
I'm happy to announce that EcoCityCraft will be introducing a "Town of the Month" competition that will serve as our 8th prestige! This will be obtainable on the main server and will (obviously) be rewarded once a month.

How it works:
On the first day of each month, the ECC administrative team will select a town that it will announce as the Town of the Month. Such a town will be selected based on its artistic merit, uniqueness, beauty and how representative it is of the overall theme of ECC - In other words, we're selecting the best towns EcoCityCraft has to offer!

Such towns will be selected on a purely discretionary basis by the staff team. As to ensure there are no absolutely no conflicts of interest, any and all GameAdmins+ who declare their intention to have one of their officially-owned towns enter the competition for Town of the Month shall recuse themselves from any and all input on the decision-making process.

What are the rewards and who gets it?:
The reward for winning Town of the Month will be another level of prestige, in addition to a brand-new "Town of the Month" forum medal! As to avoid a single town getting 8 different people prestige in a month, the rewards for winning town of the month will only be granted to the official owner of the town that wins Town of the Month. In other words, even if you're on the owners list and perhaps built most of the town, you will not obtain any rewards from winning the competition unless you're the one who made the town application itself or if the application has your username next to "NEW OWNER:" on it.

Furthermore, for the entire month that a certain town is declared Town of the Month,...
After 8 years, we've finally decided to introduce a change to how towns are managed on EcoCityCraft!
I have always been against adding bloated plugins such as towny, plots and others. As such we have coded a completely custom EcoCityCraft plot system. It is simple, easy and effective. Best of all, it uses the plugins we already have in place to get the job done in as lightweight and performance oriented way as possible!

And of course, if you have TownControlPlus you are welcome to sell "plot creation services" in game for those who do not have the feature! Another way to earn more EcoDollars! :)

The following has been added to the existed TownControlPlus feature:

Setting plots:
(Maximum 5 plots per town) - Upgrade to TownControlPlus2 for unlimited plots!
  • You must be in the owners list of a town.
  • You must be ranked Resident+ for these plot additions/removals to work.
  • All plots must be within the town itself. They cannot overlap with other towns or the wild.
  • Plot names cannot have the letters pvp in them. This is reserved for pvp arena applications.
  • Use this command to generate a wand. (a wooden axe).
  • With the wand you will select two points to form a cube. This is required prior to running the /setplot command below. Left click one point, and right click the other.
  • Example of two points forming a cube can be seen here. (In this image, the entire stone area would be the plot area.)
/setplot <townname> <plotname> <username>
  • Use this command to set your current selection as a plot.
  • Example: /setplot highgarden apartment1 andrewkm - would create a region named "highgardenapartment1" with "andrewkm" added to the members list of...
It is now possible to connect to ECC with 1.14.1 on your Minecraft client.

However, we still recommend that you use 1.13.2 when connecting to Main/VMR and 1.12.2 when connecting to Skyblock. This compatibility update is primarily for new players who are looking for servers on their 1.14.1 clients.

You are free to report any bugs that come with running 1.14.1 at https://ecocitycraft.com/help. However, the issues will most likely be already known/reported and we, again, advise you to use 1.13.2 if you want to avoid such issues.

This is not a server update to 1.14.1! This thread/update only pertains to your ability to connect to ECC with a 1.14.1 client. New features (ie blocks, mechanics, etc.) that come with 1.14.1 (or 1.14 for the matter) are not impacted by this update.
We would like to remind everyone that you should be connecting to EcoCityCraft's game servers with a 1.14, 1.13.2 client or any other supported version. EcoCityCraft is *NOT* currently compatible with 1.14.1 clients.

In addition to this reminder I would like to announce that I have written up a wiki page providing information about which client versions you should be using to connect.
EcoCityCraft and Minecraft Updates
Refer to this wiki page to be aware which client versions will connect to the specific servers as well as which client versions will offer the most optimal gameplay on that server. You will also find information on how to downgrade your client or create new profiles for other versions on this page as well.
Theme Change + Rare Kits Reset!
Use "/server vmr" or visit the lobby to access the VMR portal.



Buried Treasure

Theme suggested by @EtherealSquid via this thread.

Sale prices are as follows:
Heart of the Sea: $250
TNT: $25
Prismarine: $2
Dark Prismarine: $4
Prismarine Bricks: $5
Ink sac: $2
XP Bottle: $25
Nautilus Shell: $50
Trident: $200

Leader boards can be found here: https://vanilla.ecocitycraft.com
Main news post regarding release/more information can be found here.
Don't forget to use your free /kit rare as well as any other rare kits you own as they reset on VMR reset!

The EcoCityCraft BIG May Spring Sale is Activated!

20% OFF All City EcoDollars/EXP
30% OFF All City Features
40% OFF SkyBlock/VMR Purchases
50% OFF Patron Rank

Any purchases over $200 will get the following additions free of charge!
  • EcoCityCraft Forum Promotion Medal!
  • EcoCityCraft Forum Premium Upgrade! ($29.99 value!)
  • EcoCityCraft Server Patron Rank! ($75.00 value!)
Spring Sale expires:
June 3rd, 11:59pm EST!
All Patrons can now use /lightning <player> to smite them naughty players!
Cooldown is in effect. Once per 10 minutes!
Inspired by: https://ecocitycraft.com/forum/thre...ggestion-cosmetic-spraybottle-command.183661/

SkyBlock Season 4 Launched!

Use Command: /server skyblock