You can now upgrade your magic armor by using your /magic command!
You can now refresh your cooldown on any server with a purchase via: (Keep in mind the refresh is only per server, with your choice of server at checkout!)
Because people are crazy and demanding it, we have launched WizardPlus & WizardPlus2!
- WizardPlus: Use the **/wizard** command on the MainNorth server!
- WizardPlus2: Use the **/wizard** command on the MainEast server!
(*Cooldowns remain the same of course, however WizardPlus2 users effectively get 3 per month!*)
- All Smithmasters can now use /smith command for easy access!
- Upgrade your Magic Arrow to a Level 2 arrow and get unlimited firepower with any Bow & Crossbow you use! Combine this with the Magic Crossbow Level 3 for ultimate grind power!
From @Kozz:
ShopDB is undergoing maintenance and some large changes!

Instead of chest shops being updated by a bot, they will now updated via a server plugin.

What does this mean?

ShopDB will now be updated near-real time. Every 10 minutes, shops are updated.
A true 'chest is full' indicator is now possible and included. The ability to hide BOTH out of stock AND full chests is now available.
This also opens up the door for lots of new features that were previously not possible.
When a shop application is filled out and accepted, all of the signs for that shop will instantly appear on ShopDB.

This is quite a big change, and required all items to be cleared out.
Shop owners, your items will show up again on ShopDB AFTER:
- You have opted-in and applied for shops in your town to be shown (if you have already applied, you do not need to re-apply.)
- You open/close the inventory of the shop.
- Somebody uses your shop.

If your shop was previously included on ShopDB, then the quickest way to have your signs show up again is by opening/closing each of your chest shops.
After you do this, it will take a maximum of 10 minutes for your shops to appear once again on ShopDB.
Alternatively, you can do nothing and once players use your shop, it will also start appearing on ShopDB.

As with any change, this could create new bugs. So please report them here if you find any!
I will be keeping an eye out for any potential issues.

I think this is a very good...

Upgrade your Magic armor with the SmithMaster feature!
Get the following 2x mcMMO XP perks while wearing it!

Netherite Helmet - Alchemy
Netherite Chestplate - Unarmed & Bows
Netherite Leggings - Fishing
Netherite Boots - Acrobatics

Magic Axe Level 3 is now available!
Earn a 50% increase in mob drops when using this on mobs!
The ultimate axe on EcoCityCraft!

Christmas Sale + Magic Items Promo is now live!
Expires February 15th @ 11:59 PM EST!

20% OFF All City Features
30% OFF SkyBlock / VMR
40% OFF Global Ranks
50% OFF All SG Kits

Promotion: Purchasing anything over $200 (total single purchase basket value in USD) gets you awesome free perks!
The promotional perks are not automatically processed.
You must contact andrewkm via forum pm to have these applied to your account.

Magic Item odds have increased to the following during this promo!
All magic items are at 5x until the end of this sale!

Legend has it Magic Items will be appearing in our God Drops!
Having one of these items in your inventory while using the /sell command will yield 1.5x the sell price of that item! :eek: