We have recently made a discord announcement regarding a potential update to 1.14.4 coming soon.
If you're not on our discord, you are missing out on extremely valid news! https://ecocitycraft.com/discord


- 1.14.4 requires a full blown 6 hour map upgrade. The chances of you losing anything you own in chests is less than 0.1%. Nearly none existant. However, we will not lie to you. THERE IS A CHANCE you may lose something in a chest during our 1.14.4 update.


Again the chances of this are insanely slim, nearly none existent, but we will not lie and keep our player base in the dark. Transparency is key, and the truth is, just as you may get struck with lightning in real life, it IS possible you may lose a chest item.
Mining, Nether and End worlds have been reset on the Main Central & North servers!

Don't forget to get your Mining spawner keys nice and early!

Access these worlds via the following commands:
Main Central/North Servers:
/warp mining
/warp nether
/warp end

PS: Skyblock world (nether/end) resets happen just once a season -> during the beginning of Month 3 of each season.

The Spooktacular Sale is now launched!

15% OFF All City EXP
20% OFF All City EcoDollars
25% OFF All SG Kits
30% OFF All City Features
35% OFF SkyBlock/VMR Purchases
40% OFF Global Ranks

Promotion: Purchasing anything over $200 (total basket value in USD) gets you awesome free perks!

The promotional perks are not automatically applied to your account. Please allow 24 hours for this to go through. Should after 24 hours your promotional perks not be in your account, contact andrewkm via forum pm.

EXPIRES: October 28th, 11:59PM EST!
InvestigatorPlus has been redone.

We are giving InvestigatorPlus users more investigative power, without the overblown mistake we made weeks/months ago by offering full access to our LogBlock database. The commands now are safe and secure, and do not expose any seriously sacred information, such as the previous chat log exploits and spawner locator abilities. Further more, a simple /vanish and Forum Bank usage keeps you private if you so wish.

IMPORTANT: We urge all users with InvestigatorPlus to read the warnings on the wiki page below, or RISK losing their feature permanently!

Available on our store via: https://shop.ecocitycraft.com/category/288651

The top 4 winners of SG Smackdown are as follows:
  1. @welikeike22 - Event Medal + $150 GiftCard
  2. @iTzXtremeGaming - Event Medal + $150 GiftCard
  3. @RazorRimz - Event Medal + $100 GiftCard
  4. @FoxBLP - Event Medal + $100 GiftCard
Winners of the 2 StarKey giveaway from the top 10 of each board are:
Theme Change + Rare Kits Reset!
Use "/server vmr" or visit the lobby to access the VMR portal.



Thanksgiving Feast

Theme suggested by @EtherealSquid via this thread.

Sale prices are as follows:
Apple: $1
Melon Slice: $0.10
Carrot: $0.25
Baked Potato: $0.50
Cookie: $0.25
Pumpkin Pie: $1
Cooked Rabbit: $7
Rabbit Stew: $20
Mushroom Stew: $10
Beetroot Soup: $3
Bread: $1
Cooked Porkchop: $5
Cooked Mutton: $5
Cooked Chicken: $5
Cooked Cod: $6
Cooked Salmon: $9
Cake: $20

Leader boards can be found here: https://vanilla.ecocitycraft.com
Main news post regarding release/more information can be found here.
Don't forget to use your free /kit rare as well as any other rare kits you own as they reset on VMR reset!
All ExtCommandsPlus2 users now get multiple powertool capabilities.
Purchase through our sale via: https://shop.ecocitycraft.com

/powertool a:<command>
  • Add more than one powertool to an item. For example, to add /sell dirt, /sell stone and /balance to one item you would run the following commands while holding said item:
    1. /powertool sell dirt
    2. /powertool a:sell stone
    3. /powertool a:balance
  • Any abuse of the powertool append feature with several commands causing any sort of server lag, abuse, or noticeable internal side effects will result in getting the ExtCommandsPlus2 package removed from your account. This is a very powerful ability which also bypasses our powertool cooldown, use it with extreme care. Powertool spam is still against the rules.

Survival Games Smackdown weekend begins this Friday at 2pm (EST)!
Survival Games Smackdown weekend ends this Sunday at 6pm (EST)!

During Smackdown weekend, the following will take place:

- Season 1 stats will be temporarily suspended until the event ends.
- New Smackdown weekend stats will be launched from scratch.
- Games will require 10 players to start. (This is set in stone, don't ask for anything different)

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
- All game winners will earn $10,000 EcoDollars!
- Top 3 in wins & kills will win the Event Medal!
- Top 3 in wins & kills will get nearly $500(usd) in GiftCards spread amongst them.
- Top 10 in wins & kills will be entered into a raffle! 2 Star Keys will be given away on the main server!
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Gear up and get your kits ready! It's about to go down!
Don’t forget to check out our sale on SG Kits via the shop!
We now offer PlusMax kits as well as an awesome new addition to hunter (tracking compass!)
All Kits are currently 25% off! https://shop.ecocitycraft.com

The Survival Games server is live!
Join us for the grand opening :D! (Use Minecraft 1.13.2)

The SG server can be accessed via the /sgs & /sgserver commands.
The SG server is run in seasons following the same schedule as our SkyBlock seasons.
SG season 1 we will be running 1.8 pvp mechanics to see what users think and how well we enjoy it.
SG season 1 will be offering 500 EcoDollars per kill and 3,000 EcoDollars per win. Once we examine how these beta test values go, we will make adjustments as necessary in the current or following seasons. (To withdraw your winnings, you must be in the lobby and use /bank deposit)

Keep in mind, this season will be a BETA season. This obviously means that this is a fresh game mode and issues will arise. We ask you to do your part in helping us and report everything via the proper sections:

Bugs/Issues: https://ecocitycraft.com/help
Suggestions/Changes: https://ecocitycraft.com/suggestions

With this launch come two new Prestige achievements.
Information is available on our wiki page.
EcoCityCraft Prestige Levels

IMPORTANT NOTE: This SG server addition is a LITE addition. We want to stress this as much as possible. Our main focus is and always will be our Main Economy servers. The SG plugin we are using is not open source and has an extremely limited API, meaning there is very little we can do on the customization front, beyond what the actual plugin offers. Our main goal with this addition was to bring some light back on the PVP aspect of EcoCityCraft.

Don’t forget to check out our sale on SG...