ECC 2.0

This post is designed to give people some insight into what is happening in the near future. We are postponing our official detailed post due to the fact there is a lot of information we need released, and we need to be fully sure about everything stated prior to making a news post about it.

HOWEVER, it’s no secret that major changes are coming, and with the several random Discord voice discussions we’ve had, much of that information is now public. Problem is, with no official source, and with my absolute recommendation that you only trust things you hear, or read, from me directly, I feel like this post has to be made. I don't leak things to friends, people I know, nothing. Trust no one and no source other than our website or myself personally on Discord. And please, always verify anything you hear with our news section via the website. With this, I feel like a pre-insight post, with absolute official points, is warranted today.

Without further ado, and without boring introductory statements, let’s just get to the things that are set in stone and that we all care about. Apologies for the straight forward facts below, but why bore you with word play, let’s just get to it.

Minecraft 1.16.x -> 1.17, is a total mess. To put it into perspective, 1.12.x -> 1.13.x was a hassle, an enormous hassle that made us reset. In fact, this “hassle” just gave us over 3 days of downtime on archive, and that's to just remotely get it functioning properly on 1.16.5. Please, try to grasp that. Several years later, we still had days of issues, with the best developers in the industry, getting our old map on 1.16.5. Now however, we don’t just face what we did before, we face a nearly impossible task when it comes to new content from Mojang. Beautiful new terrains. Massively increased world limits. A complete world file code change. To be totally frank. We can go on forever, on our 1.13 generated world, and keep a small...

Hello EcoCityCraft!

Today marks our official 10 year anniversary. 10 years ago today, my brother michaelwm and I decided to take our basement (literally) server online. If you are interested in some back story please give our Tebex blog post a read! (https://blog.tebex.io/featured-webstore-ecocitycraft/) We took the server online with the following advertisements on the popular minecraft forums website. (https://tinyurl.com/3mkb6k97 & https://tinyurl.com/decymh3x) Do forgive my grammar, I had pretty much no history in posting threads online, especially since English has always been my second language.

After the above threads went online, players started joining, and to our surprise sticking around on this little hobby server we had going. A very special shoutout and memory to welikeike22 who has been here from the very start, as is evident from the advertisement threads above. We always laughed that he was already at spawn when we first launched the server, and to be honest, I don’t think I remember it any differently! <3 We love you man!

With the server now online, and players joining, it all unfolded from there. Days passed, weeks passed, months passed, and… no where along the way did I ever imagine that in the distant year of 2021, Minecraft, let alone our little server would still be online. We saw dozens if not hundreds of servers come and go, year after year along the way, and yet EcoCityCraft, our little community, which varied in size continuously throughout the years, is still here. I’ve always said, for a decade now, I’ll never leave this place behind as long as just 1 person is online enjoying it. And with a decade behind us, I hope people believe it. <3

I now want to get to the most important part of this 10 year anniversary. A shout-out to what is the most important thing on EcoCityCraft. You. Our Community....
Mining, Nether and End worlds have been reset on the Main servers!

Don't forget to get your Mining spawner keys nice and early!

Access these worlds via the following commands:
Main Servers:
/warp mining
/warp nether
/warp end

PS: Skyblock world (nether/end) resets happen just once a season -> during the beginning of the season.
New coupon has been launched in game!
March52 for 52% off!

Final GodDrop bumps are in place!
- God Items now half as likely.
- Magic Items/Tools Levels 2 & 3 have been bumped by 10x their previous odds!

Remember, all store bought GodDrops give you a Mythic Sword raffle ticket!
GodDrops on the store have just received a 25% price cut as well!
Good luck getting them Max Magics for ECC 2.0!
Theme Change + Rare Kits Reset!
Use "/server vmr" or visit the lobby to access the VMR portal.




Theme suggested by @Jeffster_ via this thread.

Sale prices are as follows:
Enchanted Books - $10

Leader boards can be found here: https://vanilla.ecocitycraft.com
Main news post regarding release/more information can be found here.
Don't forget to use your free /kit rare as well as any other rare kits you own as they reset on VMR reset!
Tons of economy changes are happening on EcoCityCraft.
Keep in mind these early changes all relate to our big EcoCityCraft announcement coming up. You may see several changes continue to be introduced prior to the announcement on our 10 year anniversary.

Be sure to stay up to date with notifications on via https://ecc.eco/discord
Once you verify your Discord account, visit the #-news channel for all the inside scoop!
Staff Applications are now open!
We're looking for extra hands for those interested in taking on extra duties to help out around the community and helping our new players feel welcome!
Please read the links below if you are interested in applying:


Apply in this forum:

Good luck everyone!

For those who have helped configurate major gameplay features for EcoCityCraft.

This rank is awarded to users who have helped us with major backend configuration that shapes the game you play!

To see if you are eligible for this rank you need to send @STAFF-04 Server Admin a forum PM presenting your past contributions and Administration will make a decision.
Keep in mind we are really looking for those who have contributed to the server on the backend, with major contributions that have shaped the gameplay itself.
If you have any questions or are curious about your contributions, feel free to shoot me a forum PM.

Having nothing to show for today? If you are interested in the opportunity of contributing in the future then still send us a forum PM and we will take your name in interest down for the future.
It has been 10 years since EcoCityCraft has opened its doors! We are throwing a massive festival and events month to celebrate it!

Check it out here!
The Anniversary Festival Information

What's happening:

Anniversary Festival Town:
Use /kit tokens every 24 hours for your 10 unique tokens for the Festival. These tokens can be used to play the games at /warp festival on MainNorth only.
Earn Prizes - Crate Keys, ECD, Valuable Items, Lore'd Items and Raffle Tickets for the Anniversary Raffle!

The Festival will be live from March 7th - April 11th.

Anniversary Raffle:

Drawing takes place on April 11th, 2021 at 9pm EST
This is your chance at a Mythic Sword, GodDrops and other valuable prizes!
Anniversary Raffle Information and Tickets
Earn raffle tickets by participating in the games at /warp festival on MainNorth, also keep an eye out for Raffle Tickets being offered as prizes for other events happening this month! These is the only ways to earn these tickets!

Anniversary Fireworks Show:
Sunday, March 28th at 5pm EST
, ECC's Official 10th Anniversary of going public, we will be hosting a fireworks show at a custom venue. We hope everyone will be able to attend the event and celebrate this historic moment for ECC.
The show will be live-streamed via Discord voice chat if you can't make it physically in-game, as well as recorded by our very own media expert @Karin_88 if you are unable to be present at all. We wish for everyone to have a chance to enjoy the show!

Mining, Nether and End worlds have been reset on the Main servers!

Don't forget to get your Mining spawner keys nice and early!

Access these worlds via the following commands:
Main Servers:
/warp mining
/warp nether
/warp end

PS: Skyblock world (nether/end) resets happen just once a season -> during the beginning of the season.