Theme Change + Rare Kits Reset!
Use "/server vmr" or visit the lobby to access the VMR portal.



Under the sea, under the sea

Theme suggested by @xGoldenSunflower via this thread.

Sale prices are as follows:
Cod in bucket - $2
Salmon in bucket - $3
Pufferfish in bucket - $5
Tropical fish in bucket - $10
Kelp - $0.01
Seagrass - $0.5
Sea pickle - $0.02
Coral (any color) - $25
Coral block (any color) - $50
Heart of the sea - $100
Trident - $100
Conduit - $500

Leader boards can be found here:
Main news post regarding release/more information can be found here.
Don't forget to use your free /kit rare as well as any other rare kits you own as they reset on VMR reset!

MainEast Launched!
Use command /maineast or /me

We have launched MainEast as our Main and MainNorth servers have filled up beyond capacity!
Join us now and secure your spot on this beautifully fresh and brand new 1.15.2 generated Main world!​
We got one more super sexy update for you! ;)
Continuation from this thread.

Through the power of absolute magic, our developer has made the impossible happen.
You can now use /realname or /rn across the entire network! Names circle through our entire network, via magic, and update all machines on a 10 second interval/cache. The chat revolution has come! Enjoy!
Got a sexy chat update for you guys!

With our network expanding and players becoming more and more spread out, communicating with your friends is always important, and making that easier is something we are continuously trying to do for you.

Today we got a nice little update for you regarding cross-server private messaging!
Say you are trying to message the user @ClarinetPhoenix, however she is on MainNorth, meanwhile you're on Main.

Previously you would have to match the exact casing. (/pm ClarinetPhoenix)
You can now use /pm clarinetphoenix, /pm clarinet, /pm ClArInETpHoEnIx, etc. It all works flawlessly. :) Enjoy!

MainEast is coming!

Spawn Town Raffles!

For MainNorth we gave out raffle tickets through the shop when making big purchases, we are going to be doing something similar this time, with a little advantage for our @ECC Sponsor users. Each @ECC Sponsor will begin with a raffle ticket in their name right away. The remaining raffle tickets will come with every God Spin during this ECC Friday God Key promotion. (This means each spin automatically grants you a raffle ticket).


God Key Promotion!
God Key promotion is on this Friday just as last week, the only difference is, this one will last the entire 24 hour (EST) day! Beginning at 12:00am (EST) April 3rd and expiring at 11:59pm (EST) April 3rd, each purchase of $100 or more (check out amount after coupons and all discounts have already been applied) will receive 1x God Key per each $100 spent in that purchase.

Each spin will not only yield you potential prizes ranging from Gift Cards, PayPal money, Star keys, and more, but will also come with 1 MainEast spawn town raffle ticket.

God Keys, as with every other time, will be spun as soon as I am online and see you there. Should I not see you or be held up somewhere, such as snoozing away in my bed since I do sleep sometimes lol, I will eventually add your name to the lists below and spin them as soon as possible!

Bonus: Use coupon code god15 this Friday for that extra 15% off during this promotion!

Disclaimer: If you have not been online, on ECC in the past 14 days, your spawn town win will not be eligible.
This is to prevent spawn towns going to inactive...

Welcome to the Month of April! We're getting closer to summer every day. I know I'm looking forward to some warmer weather!
Now I know everyone is stuck at home due to COVID-19, so the events team and I have been hard at work putting together some events for you all!

I hope everyone had a blast last month with the Trivia nights as well as the Pot Of Gold Treasure Hunt on St Patrick's Day. Don't forget that we still have an on-going Build Contest themed for Easter! If you are interested in competing sign up as soon as possible. Judging begins on the 17th!

Onward to April's upcoming events!

We will start off with an announcement of a well known player-run event!
Credits to @Libbyyjo
The next Minewars is on Saturday, April 4th at 6pm EST!!
Lockers will be a minimum value of $100,000 or possibly much MORE! I hear there will be TWO Star Tools up for grabs in the lockers. There will also be a server sponsored locker rumored to be valued in the millions!
Be present at /warp minewars (on MainNorth) at the start and try to snag the winning bid on a locker for a chance of massive profit or the chance at a Star Tool!

Credits to @Libbyyjo
Thursday, April 9th: 5pm EST

With a custom course brought to you by @killrdarknes we will have Elytra Racing!
Get your practice in now, the winners will be decided by the best time of completing the course
More details will be posted soon. Be sure to sign up then if you're interested!

We now offer an "other" payment section when checking out via

Based on your country, different options will be available.
This also introduces the Bitcoin payment method as well as several European options.

Look for the other button during checkout if you are interested in seeing what's available to you:

Theme Change + Rare Kits Reset!
Use "/server vmr" or visit the lobby to access the VMR portal.



Down in the Shafts

Theme suggested by @killrdarknes via this thread.

Sale prices are as follows:
Dirt- $0.01
Cobweb- $2.50
Planks of all kinds: $0.05
Fences of all kind: $0.01
Name Tag- $10
Coal Ore-$1
Iron Ore- $5
Redstone Ore-$5
Gold Ore- $10
Lapis Ore - $20
Diamond Ore - $100

Leader boards can be found here:
Main news post regarding release/more information can be found here.
Don't forget to use your free /kit rare as well as any other rare kits you own as they reset on VMR reset!
Introducing TravelBags!
After 2 weeks of custom development, we are finally able to introduce cross-server storage!
This has been coded from the ground up for EcoCityCraft! (Huge thanks to @electronicboy.)

The entry TravelBag price was based on the previous one time item transfer cost of 500 NetherStars. At just about the price of 850 NetherStars you receive a travel bag that can be used countless of times!

You are welcome (and even encouraged) to provide travel bag services to others online!
(Nice way to make some extra EcoDollars.)

And for those wondering why we added Plus packages?
Well, because eventually we'll be asked for them, so why not. :p Could be useful for those who travel a lot between servers and don't want to keep unloading items back and forth, and instead prefer to keep their travel gear in separate bags.

Realistically though, users only need one for literally most of their needs, which is why the rest are cheaper upgrades.

  • Find a bug or an exploit with TravelBags and get awarded up to a $200 EcoCityCraft GiftCard based on the severity of the issue! We encourage you to try and break this feature in any way you can. Doing so and reporting it to us will yield you great rewards! <3
Purchase via:
Wiki information page:

God Key Promo is now live!

$100's of dollars of GiftCards, PayPal prizes, EcoDollars, and much more!
Only major prizes as of last week! Use /cc to view all rewards!
Every $100 spent (after sales and coupons) in one single purchase will earn you a God Key spin!

Spins will take place as I see purchases come in as long as I'm online.
If for some reason we miss you, your spin will take place within 24 hours!

Use coupon code: god15 for 15% off on top of our sale!
Expires tonight at 11:59pm EST!