(SkyBlock) 7 - SkyGod

May 2, 2019
(SkyBlock) 7 - SkyGod

  • SkyGod Rank - ($) 400(top)

    *Feature is available in the Skyblock Server*

    /ci (/clearinventory)
    /pv <#>
    • 10 Vaults Upgrade for SkyGod!
    • No cooldown! New for SkyGod!
    • Includes armor & enchanted items!
    /nick off
    /nick &l
    /nick &n
    /nick &o
    /nick &m
    /nick <&0-9|&a-f>
    • 1 minute cooldown! Upgrade for SkyGod!
    /fix all
    • No cooldown! New for SkyGod!
    • Includes armor & enchanted items!
    /lb tb New for SkyGod!
    • Spawn yourself a piece of ice for accessing our global logging database.
    • Simply left/right click it anywhere to view the history of the block/area.
    /lb tb [on/off] New for SkyGod!
    • Turn logblock on or off.
    • Used when you would like to actually place/build with ice.
    /fill [water/clear] New for SkyGod!
    • Fill a bucket with water or empty it.
    /kit color New for SkyGod!
    • 16 White Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Orange Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Magenta Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Light Blue Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Yellow Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Lime Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Pink Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Gray Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Silver Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Cyan Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Purple Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Blue Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Brown Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Green Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Red Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 Black Glazed Terracotta
    • 16 White Concrete Powder
    • 16 Orange Concrete Powder
    • 16 Magenta Concrete Powder
    • 16 Light Blue Concrete Powder
    • 16 Yellow Concrete Powder
    • 16 Lime Concrete Powder
    • 16 Pink Concrete Powder
    • 16 Gray Concrete Powder
    • 16 Silver Concrete Powder
    • 16 Cyan Concrete Powder
    • 16 Purple Concrete Powder
    • 16 Blue Concrete Powder
    • 16 Brown Concrete Powder
    • 16 Green Concrete Powder
    • 16 Red Concrete Powder
    • 16 Black Concrete Powder
    /kit spawner New for SkyGod!
    • 1 Spawner Crate Key
    /spawnertrade New for SkyGod!
    • Trade 2 spawners in your inventory for 1 spawner key!
    /kit mcMMO New for SkyGod!
    /kit casino New for SkyGod!
    • 1 Casino Pack
    /kit star New for SkyGod!
    • 1 Star Key
    /vanish New for SkyGod!

    • Ability to use lower ranked kits
    • All lower rank kit cooldowns reduced by 75%! New for SkyGod!
      • Must add a + to your kit names
      • (Example: /kit skylegend+)
    • Ability to change island biome
    • Ability to place spawners on your island
    • Ability to mine spawners and pick them back up
      • Must use any pickaxe tool
    • Ability to have 25 island members Upgrade for SkyGod!
    • Ability to keep XP when you die
    • Ability to keep inventory when you die New for SkyGod!
    • Ability to create disposal signs
      • You are able to create Disposal signs. These simply act like chest garbage cans. Many times there is garbage in your inventory that you want to get rid of, and that isn't sell-able. You can now do so easily with Disposal signs, or well, garbage cans. - Don’t litter! Help ECC and use the sign! To make one simply place a sign and type [Disposal] on the first line! That’s it. Afterwards open up the garbage can by right clicking the sign and anything you place inside will be gone.
    • Max of 1000 LWC locks Upgrade for SkyGod!
    • Max of 500 homes Upgrade for SkyGod!
    • Unlimited trails Upgrade for SkyGod!
    • Build and sell at /warp market
    • Bypass teleportation timer New for SkyGod!
    • Bypass teleportation cooldown New for SkyGod!
    • Guaranteed win at /warp starcasino (No "zero" prizes) New for SkyGod!
    • Color signs with the exception of &1 New for SkyGod!

    Visit our shop to purchase this Skyblock rank!
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