VMR Booklet

Nov 19, 2018
VMR Booklet

  • The TinyURL for this page is http://tinyurl.com/vmrbooklet.

    This page contains outdated information as of the 1.13.x update.

    The Vanilla MineRun Booklet (also called the VMR Booklet, Pokédex, or just Booklet) is an entry-style collection of every obtainable and unobtainable item in Vanilla Minecraft. Besides having the top 10 balances in Vanilla MineRun, the VMR Booklet introduces a new goal to VMR players to obtain and sell every single item in Minecraft. The Booklet was added to the VMR Server on November 27, 2017.

    Prior to Vanilla MineRun being updated to 1.13, the VMR Booklet contained 410 total items, 394 of which were obtainable via normal gameplay with the other 16 obtainable exclusively through the VMR Rare Crate. The total number of items has since changed to 785 as of November 3, 2018.

    The progress in the VMR Booklet will be saved even through the weekly resets.

    The /booklet Command(top)

    The Booklet Interface(top)

    The VMR Booklet interface can be accessed by using /booklet. Items that have not been sold yet are displayed as UNKNOWN and are represented in the VMR Booklet with the Barrier item. Because the Booklet updates at regular intervals, a sold item may not immediately appear in the booklet after selling.

    Prior to the 1.13 update, items in the Booklet were ordered by Minecraft’s numerical ID system, which has since been removed.
    The interface of the Vanilla MineRun Booklet. Items that have been sold are shown, while items that have not been sold are marked with barriers labeled 'UNKNOWN'.

    Viewing Your Stats(top)

    Your progress in the VMR Booklet is viewable by typing the command /booklet status. A chat message will show up containing the number of items you have sold, as well as other information necessary for the VMR Booklet Medal Application.


    The Item IDs(top)

    Currently, the VMR Booklet contains a total of 785 items for players to sell, 716 of which are obtainable in normal gameplay while 69 are available solely by purchasing VMR Crate Keys and opening VMR Rare Crates. Users can check if they’ve sold an item by locating its position in the VMR Booklet or by performing the command /booklet <ITEM_ID>, which will display the quantity of the item as specified by ITEM_ID.
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