(VMR) Weekly Rare Key Upgrades

Jul 30, 2019
(VMR) Weekly Rare Key Upgrades

  • Weekly Rare Key Upgrades- ($) 75(top)

    *Feature is available on the VMR Server!*
    Use your keys via /cc.

    Purchasing a Weekly Rare Key Upgrade gives you weekly Rare keys with a cooldown that resets during a VMR reset. Each upgrade increases the amount of Rare keys you get per week.

    Each upgrade comes with it's own kit command:

    1st upgrade: /kit rare1
    2nd upgrade: /kit rare2
    3rd upgrade: /kit rare3

    INFO - Information on using the Rare crates can be found here:

    INFO - You don't have to use all weekly Rare upgrade kits you own at once. You can use one today, another tomorrow, etc, if you'd like to space your redeemable keys out. Keep in mind each kit's cooldown will reset during a VMR reset. Make sure to use your keys and sell your items prior to a VMR reset so you don't lose them.

    INFO - Your weekly Rare upgrades carries over with you regardless of VMR resets! You keep them forever! (Keep in mind /sell - able rare items are still cleared on VMR resets.)

    INFO - You must buy the weekly Rare upgrades in order. For example, to purchase the 3rd upgrade, you must first own the 1st and 2nd upgrade.

    Visit our shop to purchase this feature!
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