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    We have fixed our Tombstone feature and immensely simplified it.
    Instead of jumping through hoops, finding your chest, and hoping it was placed properly, you now simply keep your inventory after death.


    As well, all SkyGods now have the perk of keeping their inventory on death.

    PS: Before you yell at us that TombstonePlus2 will lower the amount of people PvP'ing in the end, let's be real, PvP is quite dead on ECC. I have already begun planning my next project for ECC, and that is reviving Survival Games and making it a separate game mode. I've determined that SG will be far more popular than the previously planned KitPvP and Creative, thus that's the route I've decided to take. Oh, and this old "AEM Zombies gamemode" won't happen because it's dead and impossible to revive/update due to the terrible state it was left in.
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