By andrewkm on Mar 3, 2019 at 4:24 PM
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    We have added star tools to SkyBlock.

    Star Crates:

    The reason we approved the suggestion made for them is simply because SkyBlock resets every 4 months, and this has no effect on the Main server at all. It will simply make prestiging slightly easier for those who are lucky enough to dodge the star armour and other unwanted star items in the SkyBlock crate.

    With that said, star tools can be obtained the same way spawners can be obtained:

    - Winning them at the /warp starcasino via SkyBlock.
    - Being a SkyGod and using your 1 free key a month.
    - Purchasing Star Keys / Star Key Monthly Upgrades from our Shop.

    Stay tuned for slight point requirement changes starting in Season 4.
    (Won't be harder, will be "longer")


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