(SkyBlock) Star Crates

Mar 7, 2019
(SkyBlock) Star Crates

  • Star Crates - ($) Check Shop(top)

    *Feature is available on the Skyblock Server!*

    Purchasing a key or keys for the Skyblock Server allows you to open Star Crates and obtain various kinds of extremely rare Star Tools and weapons!

    /cc or /crate or /crates
    • Opens the ECC Crates interface. Here you can view available crates and preview or open them.


    Available items:
    • You can obtain the following items from Star Crates:
      • 1 Star Helmet
      • 1 Star Jacket
      • 1 Star Pants
      • 1 Star Boots
      • 1 Star Elytra
      • 1 Star Shield
      • 1 Star Sword
      • 1 Star Bow
      • 1 Star Axe
      • 1 Melon Sword
      • 1 Mining Pickaxe
      • 1 Star Rod
      • 1 Excavation Shovel
      • 1 Woodcutting Axe
    • All items have an equal % chance at being won!
    • Please have two inventory slots available in your inventory for these rewards.
    INFO - All keys you have will forever be in your account until you use them.

    WARNING - Do not use your crate key right after a maintenance announcement is made. You risk losing it!

    WARNING - Allow up to two available inventory slots for potential rewards!

    Visit our shop to purchase this feature!
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