There are many individuals, who contribute far above and beyond, to the point where ECC's growth and foundation was majorly funded by their enormous contributions. Today, I'd like to give some special recognition to those users with a new "ECC Sponsor" rank.

- $2,500 USD in purchases.
- Purchases must come from the same email address as your forum account.
- Buying features from "others" does not qualify you for this whatsoever.

To have it applied to your account, simply PM me over the forums.
I will then look up your email address via my BuyCraft database and see what your total is. This is the only way to get this rank. Email changes, etc, will not be taken into consideration. Ensure your PayPal email matches your forum email so that I may look up the correct account. This is 100% required as it allows me to verify you are in fact the owner of the email in question.

Major Star Casino Overhaul!
Winnings have increased by a massive margin!

The official percentages are as such:
On the wall machines, your chances of losing a netherstar are ONLY 25%!
On the middle egg machines, your chances of winning an egg are a WHOPPING 20%!
You can always buy egg keys via our shop located here:

However this now gives players a new way to get rare collectible eggs in game :D


New netherstar treasure collector medal application:

The EXP medal has been removed, and the NetherStar treasure collector medal has been revamped to make it more realistic to earn. Netherstars and EXP are basically the same thing now, so having both medals just contributes to our already spammed up medals system.

The users who already had the EXP medal have received the NetherStar treasure collector medal for free as compensation for the EXP medal's removal.
Hello everyone.

Making the transition into 2019 means it's again time to shake up the Wiki Team.
We're going to be working on getting all our pages up to date as well as writing new articles on new updates and relevant information.

However, we need your help! As @ClarinetPhoenix had mentioned earlier, we've just opened up Wiki Team applications again for anyone willing to help spread their knowledge about ECC to old players rejoining us now or the next generation of Builders on the City Server!

We could use all the help we could get. Apply today! :)

And on another topic... you can now see what we're working on in real time!
We've made a handy Trello board that tracks what each member of the Wiki Team is working on as well as what we have planned for later.

Here's what it looks like:

And on a final note, even if you aren't part of the WIki Team, you can still help our efforts in creating ECC's official knowledge base! Check out the Wiki Team & Submissions section of the forums with information on how you can help!

- poke
Little quick update as to what’s been getting done behind the scenes, won’t go into detail, just some quick points:

- Our Essentials plugin has had several absolutely major updates to it. Pretty much a total overhaul of every, single, thing. The problem with our private Essentials was the fact it was absolutely neglected, and left in the dust, without any true updates to its infrastructure for several years. This has all changed now, and thanks to our new developer, days beyond days of work has gone into it to give us a much more stable, “true” updated version of it. With this done, several things are fixed and working far better than they ever were, such as the teleportation around ECC (all those nasty wonky glitches due to no real 1.13.2 update for example).

With the new Essentials now live across VMR and Main, we ask all players to be on the look out for any and all bugs and report them to us via as soon as possible.

- Dozens more bugs and optimizations have been made to several of our custom (codename LS) projects, which are basically the custom ECC plugins that run on each server. Bug fixes, updates, customizations, and a lot of other very nice touch ups. Check the help/support section for all bug fixes we put through ECC, the list is far too big for a news post xD.

- The pets plugin is now updated and functional. Further more we now have the capability to update it ourselves and take over the code base should the need arise :)

- Lots more backend web machine work has been done in preparation for machine migrations in 2019. (We will be upgrading our hardware to much more powerful stuff! - just waiting on OVH to launch their new setups, which they’ve told us via call is already in the works).

And yeah. :)
Just thought I’d shoot a general update at you guys. Specifically the Essentials one, which truly was a major project, with a bit more potential work to go.
Hello there!

With all the new changes coming to ECC lately we are looking for some extra manpower to help us keep the wiki updated and fresh.

If you are interested in helping out with the ECC wiki then please take a look at applying for the ECC Wiki Team.
Wiki Team Application
Also; make sure to take a peek at the ECC Wiki Team Rules and Standards before you apply as well.
ECC Wiki Team Standards/Rules

Good luck! :)
Theme Change!
Use "/server vmr" or visit the lobby to access the VMR portal.




Theme suggested by @xMysto_ via this thread.

Sale prices are as follows:
Snowblock $12
Wood (log) $4
Wool $10
Leaves $4
Ice $6
Cake $150

Leader boards can be found here:
Main news post regarding release/more information can be found here.
Main Nether & End Reset!

Access the nether via nether portal at /warp nether.
Access the end via end portal at /warp end.

SkyBlock Nether & End Reset!

Access the nether via nether portal on your island.
Access the end via end portal at /warp end.
Deadline for below is Monday December 3rd 9pm EST.

To minimize the hit a few users are taking due to our recent news post:

We are making the following exceptions.

Exception 1:
  • User's who already have blocks available to level their islands to 15,000 but simply have not placed them will be allowed to apply for prestige.
  • Blocks will be checked via logblock and other resources and must be verifiable through server logs to have been available prior to the above news post. This prevents users simply buying blocks from others to apply for Exception 1, as this will absolutely not be allowed.
  • Don't forget to include a location for your blocks. Inventory/PlayerVaults is not a valid location for this exception. Your blocks must be in chests/other so that we may track them via logblock to ensure they were not simply purchased during the exceptions timeframe.
  • Once approved, you will need to place these blocks and apply for Prestige linking a screenshot of my approval.
Exception 2:
  • User's who have a current island level of 3,000+ and have not yet reached 15,000 as of November 26th 2018 6:00PM (which only applies to the island owners in this screenshot:
    will be allowed to apply for this exception.)
  • Exception 2 will be approved/disapproved by a team of private SkyBlock judges of my choosing who will judge your current setup and determine if it is possible for you to reach 15,000 without purchasing blocks as a shortcut.
  • Several things will be taken into consideration with exception 2, including your online time on SkyBlock. Basically, if you've only been online for an hour a week, and your current island level is 3,000 - you'll instantly be denied as clearly it's not possible for you to reach 15,000 without purchasing blocks from others....