Buying more than 1 main server spawner key in bulk now comes with big discounts!
We recently had an issue with our new anti-cheat that would cause players to die when mining/building.
Any users who died with an owned tool between the time's April 11th 11:00pm EST -> April 12th 1:00pm EST (A span of 14 hours) can send a PM to @ClarinetPhoenix with your tool ID#.

- Must have the tool ID#.
- Must have died in the above time frame.

Once above two requirements are met, we will regenerate the exact tool you lost and @ClarinetPhoenix will leave it for you somewhere in game.
Hello again! Staff applications are now open.

As always if you feel you meet the standards and can maintain them, feel free to apply.

Staff Standards and Application
Staff Applications Forum

Good luck to all! :)
We have released Spawner keys for the Mining world!
This will help users grind various things such as EcoDollars, EXP, and especially McMMO Levels!
Keep the following in mind:
  • Once a Spawner is placed, it cannot be destroyed!
  • The Mining world resets every month on the 1st. Any Spawners you placed will be gone during the Mining world reset, however any keys you have in your account will remain, as will any Spawners in your inventory or storage via the Rising world.
  • There is no need to place your Spawners. You can always save them, collect them, and auction them via our auction system. Spawners are confirmed working with the /auc system on EcoCityCraft!

This is experimental for the month of April, 2019.
Should there be unforeseen effects to the economy in regards to nether stars, we will simply stop selling them for May's Mining world reset.
We have just made over a dozen internal teleportation fixes all over EcoCityCraft's plugins.
Basically, lots of our code regarding teleportation has been rewritten. You should notice improvements when using /home, /tpa, /warp, /wild, and other commands that involve instant movement around the map.

If you notice any issues, please let us know via
You can now use to connect via the Minecraft client.
As a reminder, we offer the following connection domains at this time:
News post updated after a meeting took place between the rich users on EcoCityCraft:



After tons of planning, and nearly 200+ development hours, we can finally introduce two new features to EcoCityCraft.

Wealth Redistribution:
After several weeks of discussion with experts in the field of economy and how it relates to an ever evolving society, we have concluded that the best move for EcoCityCraft going forward is to introduce our Wealth Redistribution system. I can easily get into the statistical and philosophical side of things in regards to this change, but seeing as it's backed by University professors internationally and features dozens of proven studies via search engines world wide, I will leave the research to you. This change is aimed at making EcoCityCraft a more welcoming place for not only new players but for those currently residing on the server.

Starting April 5th 2019 (friday), during our peak hours, the following Wealth Redistribution system will be activated:
  • All profit from your /sell command will be evenly split among all online players.
  • All purchases via our shop will go into a joint trust account where users will be able to participate in a savings pool to distribute the feature. (this one took us longest to code!).
    • Example: If purchasing the Fly feature for $60, as opposed to receiving it, you will now have the money put into a pool of savings. Once this savings pool reaches 50% of what it would cost to give all the users online the feature of purchase, the feature will apply to all users! As such, in the case of Fly, assuming there are 100 players online, the pool will be on hold until it accumulates $3,000 USD (50% of $6,000 USD) and the feature will then be applied to all those online.
  • All profit from lottery winnings will be evenly split among those...
The following changes have just been made to the End world:
  • /near has been removed from Voyagers & VoidWalkers.
  • VoidWalkers can now /sneak
  • FlyingPlus users can now Fly in the End.
  • Chorus Fruit price adjustment. (With FlyPlus & the recent TombStonePlus2 addition, this needs to be rebalanced so as not to exceed farming with star tools on Rising.)
With the McMMO Power Level Prestige, we are now also giving away Features, EcoDollars, EXP & Event Medals for the first users to accomplish this goal! Level up your McMMO Skills and earn the medal to win!

The prizes are as such:

1st - $300 GiftCard + 500,000 EcoDollars + 50,000 EXP + Event Medal
2nd - $200 GiftCard + 400,000 EcoDollars + 40,000 EXP + Event Medal
3rd - $100 GiftCard + 300,000 EcoDollars + 30,000 EXP + Event Medal
4th - $50 GiftCard + 200,000 EcoDollars + 20,000 EXP + Event Medal
5th - $25 GiftCard + 100,000 EcoDollars + 10,000 EXP + Event Medal

Gift Cards are valid on features only, meaning they are coupons in your name. Not valid for ECD/EXP via Main server.
Additional ECD/EXP prizes will be delivered via the Main City Server.

Introducing our 7th Prestige level.
All users can now prestige this many times per game mode:
Main Server: 2x
VMR Server: 2x
SkyBlock Server: 3x

This brings a total of 7 prestige levels now available on ECC.
I am aiming to never have more than 2-3 prestige levels per game mode, as such, the above game modes are pretty much done with prestige wise. (Unless I come up with one other way to prestige via Main, however there really isn't much to grind long term other than our ranks [ecolegend] and the skill power levels [mcmmo].)
The remaining 3 prestige levels will have to wait for new additions to ECC, whether they be PvP related via main (a big possibility), or future game modes.

With that said, the new Main Server prestige relates to McMMO.
(We have deleted the previous mcmmo medals and reset the new one just as we did with the VMR booklet, as it is now tied to an EcoCityCraft prestige and must be earned using the new system.)


To achieve this prestige level you must earn the following:
  • Power Level Requirements: 12,000
  • Skill Level Requirements: 1000/per skill
  • Achieving 1000 per skill will bring your Power Level to 11,000. Each skill however can go up to a total of 2000 levels. It is your choice which skills you take beyond the 1000 level to get your Power Level total to 12,000.
Afterwards simply fill out the Mcmmo Power Level Medal Application.

Don't forget we offer the following features to help you on your Mcmmo adventure:
- McMMOPlus,...