VMR Server Commands

Oct 19, 2023
VMR Server Commands

  • The TinyURL for this page is http://tinyurl.com/eccvmrcommands.

    Below is the complete listing of commands for EcoCityCraft's Vanilla MineRun Server.

    All Ranks(top)


    • Displays your VMR balance.
    /sell all
    • Sells all items in your inventory.
    /sell hand
    • Sells the item in your hand.
    /sell <id>
    • Sells the item specified by <id>.


    • Displays the VMR Booklet GUI. Shows which items have been sold and quantity sold.
    /booklet status
    /booklet <id>
    • Displays the quantity sold of <id>.


    /ch <channel>
    • Changes the chat channel of the user.
    • Channels for VMR include:
      • Global [G] - /ch g - Network-wide global chat.
      • Local [L] - /ch l - Chat only visible to users within 400 blocks of your location.
      • VMR [VMR] - /ch vmr - VMR Server chat.
      • Trade [Tr] - /ch tr - Network-wide trade chat.
      • Trivia [Trv] - /ch trv - Chat for questionnaires, quizzes, or random trivia.
      • VIP [V] - /ch vip - Network-wide donor-exclusive chat.
    /ch leave [channel]
    • Leaves the specified channel.
    • You will no longer be able to see messages from this channel.
    • Displays a list of users which you've ignored.
    /ignore <user>
    • Ignores a user. You will no longer be able to see their chat messages.
    /msg <user> <message>
    • Sends a private message to <user>. Works network-wide.
    /realname <nickname> -or- /rn
    • Displays a user's real username given their <nickname>.
    • Using /realname ** will list all the visible nicknames and their usernames.
    /reply <message>
    • Sends a private message to the user who last privately messaged you.


    /kit rare
    • Get 3 free rare crate keys a week!
    /kill or /suicide
    • Kills yourself. Useful when you're stuck or need to get to spawn fast.
    • Provides a link to register for a forum account on the forums. If you have a forum account when this is a run, a one-time 5,000 EcoDollar gift will be applied to your account.



    /bal <user>
    • Displays another user's balance.


    /nick off
    • Toggles off your nickname.
    /nick <nickname>
    • Changes your nickname.
    • See the Formatting Nicknames wiki page for help with color and formatting codes.
    • 5 minute cooldown.
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