Vanilla MineRun

Oct 19, 2023
Vanilla MineRun

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    The VMR sign in the Lobby Server.
    Vanilla MineRun (commonly abbreviated VMR, also known as Vanilla Mine-Run) is a game mode and server on the EcoCityCraft Network. Initially announced on October 4th, 2017, Vanilla MineRun was released to the network on October 18th, 2017 as an alternative way to gain EcoDollars.

    On November 22nd, 2017, the VMR Booklet and VMR Booklet forum medal were introduced. Intended as a way to obtain the normally unobtainable items in the VMR Booklet, the VMR Crate was made available on December 6, 2017. When Vanilla MineRun was updated to 1.13, the number of items in the VMR Booklet was drastically increased, up to 785.

    Introduced along with the EcoCityCraft Prestige Levels, users can gain a Prestige level by reaching 100 VMR Points on the Vanilla MineRun leaderboards and earning the VMR Medal.

    The VMR Server can be accessed on all servers in the EcoCityCraft network by using the /server vmr command.


    In Vanilla MineRun, players compete weekly to obtain the greatest balance by selling various items of the Current VMR Theme. Although all items are sellable in Vanilla MineRun, a chosen theme dictates which items contribute towards your VMR balance. Not to be confused with the Main Network EcoDollars, currency earned in Vanilla MineRun is known as Vanilla MineRun Dollars (commonly abbreviated VMRD or VMR Dollars). VMR Dollars are not transferable to the Main Network or Forum Bank and cannot be paid to other users via /pay.

    Every Sunday the Vanilla MineRun world, along with all balances, inventories, and player data are reset, and a new theme may be chosen. The VMR theme may not change every week, however. The VMR theme will remain the same as the previous week if it is not changed by 11:59pm EST on Sunday night.

    Before the world is reset, the top 10 balances are taken and awarded with VMR Points. Moreover, the top 5 VMR balances are awarded with various amounts of EcoDollars to their forum accounts, which can then be transferred back into the Main Network. Once a user has reached 100 VMR Points, they are then eligible to receive a VMR Medal on their forum account.

    This table below lists the prizes for the top 10 balances at the end of each week:
    Ranking Prize
    1st 10 VMR Points & 375,000 ECD
    2nd 9 VMR Points & 300,000 ECD
    3rd 8 VMR Points & 225,000 ECD
    4th 7 VMR Points & 150,000 ECD
    5th 6 VMR Points & 75,000 ECD
    6th 5 VMR Points
    7th 4 VMR Points
    8th 3 VMR Points
    9th 2 VMR Points
    10th 1 VMR Point

    Any EcoDollars awarded are automatically sent to the corresponding user's forum account.

    *ECC or ECC Staff are not responsible if you do not get your EcoDollars due to mismatched usernames or not having a forum account.*

    Once a user has collected 100 VMR Points, they become eligible for the VMR Medal Application. A leaderboard displaying the users with the most VMR Points was released alongside Vanilla MineRun and can be accessed here.

    Like all servers on the EcoCityCraft Network, the Global, VIP, Staff, Admin, and Alert chat channels are visible network-wide. An exclusive VMR channel that is only visible to players in the Vanilla MineRun Server can be joined using /ch vmr, and is enabled to all VMR players by default.

    Differences from the Main Network(top)

    Unlike the Main Network, Vanilla MineRun aims to emulate a fully Vanilla EcoCityCraft experience. As a result, automatic or AFK farming is highly encouraged when playing on Vanilla MineRun. Furthermore, several other differences or rule changes from the Main Network apply only to Vanilla MineRun.

    Blocks such as the Piston are disabled on the Main Network but allowed on VMR.
    These include:
    • The only non-vanilla commands on VMR are /bal and /sell, as well as several network-wide commands.
    • Blocks that are disabled on the Main Network, such as the Piston, Sticky Piston, Hopper, Observer, and Cactus are enabled on Vanilla MineRun.
    • All vanilla mechanics are enabled on VMR.
    • Restrictions on normal gameplay that require the purchase of features, such as Water and Pyro, are not applied to VMR.
    • The Auction chat does not exist on Vanilla MineRun.
    • Local chat does not exist on VMR.
      • A single VMR all-purpose chat serves as the exclusive Vanilla MineRun chat (/ch vmr).
    • The only rank in Vanilla MineRun is [Runner], excluding staff ranks.

    The VMR Booket(top)

    The interface of the Vanilla MineRun Booklet. Items that have been sold are shown, while items that have not been sold are marked with barriers labeled 'UNKNOWN'.
    Main article: VMR Booklet

    The Vanilla MineRun Booklet (also called the VMR Booklet, Pokédex, or just Booklet) is an entry-style encyclopedia of every obtainable and unobtainable item in Vanilla Minecraft. Besides having the top 10 balances in Vanilla MineRun, the VMR Booklet introduces a new goal to VMR players to obtain and sell every single item in Minecraft. The Booklet was added to the VMR Server on November 27, 2017.

    The progress in the VMR Booklet will be saved even through the weekly resets.
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