Town-Exclusive Portal Application

Feb 14, 2019 at 2:21 AM
Town-Exclusive Portal Application

  • Town-Exclusive Portal Application(top)


    • COST:
      • $100,000
      • + $10,000 (Optional portal size selection)
    • RANK:
      • Must be ranked [Mayor]+
      • Must be the original town mayor to apply for town feature!
    • ACTION:
      • Must read rules over and ensure they are followed.
      • Must ensure entire application is read and applied for properly. Getting denied results in a fine.


    • A Town-Exclusive Portal purchase allows the placement of a portal in a town that you own which will lead to an exclusive area on our server. Please note that if this portal is leading to another world users will still be required to have the proper access rank for that world. Available portal types are as follows:
      • Nether spawn portal.
        • (This will teleport you to the nether spawn. Remember only those with nether ranks will be able to use it.)
      • End spawn portal.
        • (This will teleport you to the end spawn. Remember only those with end ranks will be able to use it.)
      • Mining spawn portal.
        • (This will teleport you to the mining spawn.)
    • The town the portal is going in must be originally owned by you. This means you must have applied for this town on our forum and you must be the original owner. It cannot be for a town that you obtained from another user.
    • You may have as many of these portals in your town as you want.
    • Sizes available for the portal within your town are as follows (Width-Height):
    • Please place a sign or make it obvious where the front of the portal will be (Meaning which side users will come out of)


    • To apply for a Town Exclusive Portal you must fill out this form.
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