Town Claim Application

Feb 26, 2019
Town Claim Application

  • Town Claim Application(top)


      • Town Claim #1 = Tycoon Rank
      • Town Claim #2 = EcoLeader Rank
      • Town Claim #3 = EcoMaster Rank
      • Town Claim #4 = EcoLegend Rank
    • RANK:
      • Must be ranked [Tycoon|EcoLeader|EcoMaster|EcoLegend]
    • ACTION:
      • Must read rules over and ensure they are followed.
      • Must ensure entire application is read and applied for properly.


    • You are able to claim an abandoned town under certain circumstances on EcoCityCraft.
      • Tycoons may claim a first town.
      • EcoLeaders may claim a second town.
      • EcoMasters may claim a third town.
      • EcoLegends may claim a fourth town.
    • You may claim towns of owners who are either offline for 6 months, or PermaBanned.
      • This goes for original town owners (the user who originally applied for the town) as well as anyone in the owners section of /rg info <townname> command. Basically the original owner as well as all current owners must all have abandoned the town by being offline or PermaBanned for us to even begin to handle your request.
      • You may check how long owners are offline using the following two methods:
        • /seen <username>.

        • Forum profile search.

      • /seen takes priority over the forum profile. Meaning if they are offline for 8 months on the forum but only 5 in game, the town cannot be claimed. If /seen is missing and player cannot be found only the forum profile information can be used.
        • Note: Upon posting a Town Claim application, a member of staff will send a forum PM to the Official Owner of the town. Once a 3 day period has passed, the player's activity will be re-assessed and must still meet the above criteria to be eligible for the town to be claimed.
      • If the user has been online within the past 6 months, however, you suspect they have been absolutely PermaBanned then you must ask staff for verification on this. You can also find a ban appeal by that user which has been denied and which also had an official statement from an EcoCityCraft staff member posted in the thread stating the ban is a PermaBan. This link will need to be provided in your town claim application. An alternative is a screenshot image provided to you from a staff member of the users /seen account stating their ban reason and whether it's a PermaBan or not. Staff will only provide you with this screenshot if the account is infact PermaBanned. Basically claiming a town from a user you suspect is PermaBanned will be much harder then claiming a town from a user who has simply been offline for 6 months or more. Claiming through the PermaBan route will require hard evidence/proof or staff statement for your request to be approved.
        • Note: A period of 7 days must have passed since the PermaBan was issued before a town can be claimed.
    • You may also claim towns which you are the new owner of and have an official transfer contract with in our Contracts forum.
      • You will need to provide a contract thread link of the signed contract by both parties and you will need to be the current owner in the /rg info <townname> command of that specific town to officially claim a transferred town.
    • If approved the town you claim will be marked as yours permanently by a town application thread title change.
      • Example:

      • This will make you the new "original" town owner. This now means the town is locked under your name and can never be claimed back by the original owner, as well you are now able to apply for special town features to add to that town and use the newly titled thread link as your "original" town application link.
    • RULES*
      • Once the town you claim is yours - you must ensure the current members of the town are properly treated and allowed more than sufficient time to move out if that is what you require of them.
      • You must make a town thread stating your plans for the new town and you must tag all the towns members that currently remain as part of the town so that they are aware of your plans. Check for current members using the /rg info <townname> command. Your thread must be posted in the Town Discussions section.
      • If you require current remaining members of the town to move out for whatever reason; they must be notified in the above mentioned thread with a forum @tag. They must also be given 7 days notice and be allowed to get absolutely all of their possessions out.
      • Your town claim must not have any selfish/malicious reasons behind it. The consequences of this will be severe and handled by the highest level staff personally.
      • All in all stay courteous and professional throughout this claim process with all current remaining members of the town as well as everyone else involved. Once again the consequences of not doing so will be severe. (PermaBan/Account wipe/etc) We are very serious/strict with this.


    • To apply for a Town Claim you must fill out this form.
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