Supporter Information

Oct 20, 2023
Supporter Information
  • All Supporters get the following bonuses:

    - Bypass our Proxy/VPN blacklist
    - Enter VIP chat channel in game with /ch vip
    - Use our in-game two factor authentication with /2fa
    - Logout of two factor to require it again on next login even if using same IP via /2fa logout

    Supporter is appiled to your account after a direct purchase of anything on the store under your account name, this can be via your own personal purchase, a transaction with another user or use of an EcoCityCraft Store Giftcard.
    Purchases that are applied to your account via the gifting function do not register as direct purchases on the receiving account.

    All Supporters get access to the following commands:
    /cheats -OR- /cheats toggle -OR- /safe
    • Toggles your supporter cheats and safeguards such as Water+ suffocation protection and Pyro+ fire protection etc. Use with caution, no replacements will be made for assets lost due to disabling these protections.
    • Hides your supporter tag in-game, can be enabled and disabled at any time!
    • Use this command in-game for all your calculator needs!
    • Enables 2 factor authentication for your account - for those concerned about account security. Best paired with Google Authenticator App or Authy.
    /2fa logout
    • Logout of /2fa to force /2fa on next login. This means even if you login via same IP, you will still be required to input /2fa on next login.
    /tag or /tags
    • Opens a GUI where you can select which donation tag you with to display. You can only display tags you have achieved and lower.
    /vote togglereminders -OR- /vtoggle
    • Disables the vote reminder, does not persist through server maintenances.

    In-Game Supporter Tags

    By purchasing features on our servers you will receive in-game supporter tags. Your tag only reflects the features acquired on that specific server. (Global ranks count). These tags are calculated by the total worth of all applicable features you have acquired & purchased on the server in question.

    EcoDollars, EXP, mcMMO Levels & certain other purchases will not count toward your total amount. Any purchases you make for anyone other than yourself will as well not count towards your account but instead that user's account.

    Please note all tag prices are in their equivalent USD amounts.
    All donor tags up to [VIP+] will take on the color of your rank.

    - $15: [$]
    - $51: [$$]
    - $101: [$$$]
    - $251: [$$$$]
    - $501: [VIP]
    - $1,001: [VIP+]
    - $2,001: [*VIP*]
    - $3,001: [*MVP*]
    - $4,001: [*MVP+*]
    - $5,001: [$$MVP$$]
    - $6,001: [$$MVP+$$]
    - $8,001: [$$SuperMVP$$]
    - $10,001: [$$SuperMVP+$$]
    - $12,501: [$$$EcoLord$$$]
    - $15,001: [$$$EcoGod$$$]
    - $17,501: [$*$*$EcoTitan$*$*$]
    - $20,001: [$*$*$EcoEternal$*$*$]

    You may check your features using the /myfeatures command.
    Note: Feature pricing may very well change in the future and may affect your current tag if applicable.

    In-Game Supporter Ranks:

    By purchasing features, EXP, EcoDollars, Crate Keys, and Gift Cards for yourself or other users you will earn Supporter Ranks.
    Supporter ranks reflect how much you have spent to support EcoCityCraft. These ranks are awarded when you reach a milestone amount of money spent. Any purchases on the store originating from a single PayPal email will count towards this rank.

    This rank is independent of the Supporter Tags. Only money you have personally spent will count towards this rank. Purchasing features from other users will not count towards this rank.

    - $2,500: [Sponsor]
    - $10,000: [$Benefactor$]
    - $25,000: [$$Investor$$]
    - $50,000: [$$$Chairman$$$]
    - $100,000: [$$$$ElonMusk$$$$]

    Once you have achieved one of these milestones you should contact ClarinetPhoenix for her to award your Supporter Rank. You may also contact him to check your progress towards a Supporter Rank.

    As a Sponsor+ you can sticky one thread in the Classifieds & Ads section.
    As a Verified Sponsor+ you can sticky up to two threads in the Classifieds & Ads section.
    If you are a Sponsor or higher and wish to become Verified, you must contact ClarinetPhoenix.
    Verified Sponsors are covered by the official EcoCityCraft Insurance Policy.

    Current Verified Sponsors:
    Verified Sponsors

    Supporter Ranks can also be removed at any time should you decide you don't like the rank. This does not invalidate your status or your Sponsor+ rank, simply hides it in-game. If you choose to do this you will appear with your normal game rank. You must contact ClarinetPhoenix to have your rank hidden in-game.

    Feature Forum Medals:

    By acquiring and/or purchasing packages on all of our servers you will receive feature forum medals. These forum medals are calculated by the total worth of all applicable packages you have acquired or purchased on every server. Forum medals are automatically updated on every server account update as well as every feature purchase.

    EcoDollars, EXP, mcMMO Levels & certain other purchases will not count toward your total amount. Any purchases you make for anyone other than yourself will as well not count towards your account but instead that user's account.

    You may check your features using the /myfeatures command.
    Note: Feature pricing may very well change in the future however it will not affect your already applied medals.


    * Please be sure to have a forum account already set up using the same username as your in-game Minecraft username.
    * Purchases are processed within 15 minutes or so. The processing time doesn't begin until you are connected to the server which you purchased the feature for.
    * If after 15 minutes you do not receive your purchase please pm ClarinetPhoenix on the forums with a transaction ID.
    * All store coupons you have will auto-expire after 90 days. Be sure to use them as soon as you can after getting access to them. *Gift Cards never expire.

    We accept Paypal:

    All major cards are accepted including Visa/MasterCard gift cards; obtainable at your local corner stores/gas stations!
    You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal. If you don't have an account and don't want to sign up, they will still handle your transaction through their secured credit card form. All major credit cards as well as Visa/MasterCard gift cards can be processed without a PayPal account. Bank accounts/Debit cards are also accepted through PayPal, however, you must first open an account with

    Using Vanilla Visa/MasterCard Gift Cards:

    Cards must first be activated online:
    - Vanilla-MasterCard:
    - Vanilla-VISA:
    This is usually in the form of entering in your Zip/Postal code. Sometimes more information is required. They will then be activated and work for all online transactions.
    Note: Some prepaid credit cards take anywhere from 1-2 hours after immediate store purchase/activation to work and be activated through their systems. If your card isn't working immediately give it some time.


    EcoCityCraft is PayPal Verified since 2005!

    PayPal is a free and secure means for making payments online and for the protection & confidence of our supporters, EcoCityCraft uses a PayPal verified account that's been in perfect standing since 2005!
    Purchasing through PayPal is one of the safest ways to make a payment; it’s also free.
    We use PayPal for all of our transactions, which allows us to accept all major debit & credit cards securely.
    PayPal is the most popular method of making secure payments online and is being used in over 200 countries and 25 currencies worldwide!

    Supporter & Feature Rules:
    Upon supporting the server you accept the EcoCityCraft Server Rules, General Disclaimer, Purchase Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

    Please note that the EcoCityCraft server is in no way affiliated with Mojang, AB. Nor should it be considered a company endorsed by Mojang, AB. Any contributions or purchases made on this server goes to the EcoCityCraft Development Team. © 2011 Official EcoCityCraft Website & Forums All Rights Reserved || Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2023 Mojang / Microsoft.
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