Spawn Trade-Shop Rental Application

Aug 14, 2019 at 5:15 PM
Spawn Trade-Shop Rental Application

  • Spawn Trade-Shop Rental Application(top)


    • COST:
      • $10,000/Week
      • Minimum 2 week purchase.
      • Maximum 4 week purchase.
    • RANK:
      • Must be ranked [Resident] +
    • ACTION:
      • Must read rules over and ensure they are followed.
      • Must ensure entire application is read and applied for properly.


    • A Spawn Trade-Shop Rental will allow you to have one of your very own areas within our spawn trade area. Access will be extremely easy as it will be through our market warp (/warp market)! This area will be yours and you will have full building rights within it. It is your responsibility however to watch the expiry dates and clean out or purchase more weeks before your expiry date. After your station has expired it will be cleaned out without notice. If you would like to add more days you may fill out this exact same application; keep in mind it must always be a minimum 2 week purchase. Expiry dates will be listed in this thread.
    • All expiry dates are in EST (Eastern Standard Time) - Click for time. Shops expire at exactly 12:01AM EST on Expiry date.
    • If you want to add on time its still a minimum 2 week purchase - up to maximum 4 week total time.
    • If you want to relocate you lose your original rental fee and give up your old location immediately upon application processing. As well any purchased time on the old location does not move over.
    • If you are giving your location to another user, your entire current location will be cleaned out, and their name will take over as owner. As well your account will be the one that is charged for the time requested. The receiving user's time will start over as if it were a new application + the time you are purchasing for them.
    • Please keep in mind you will not be able to add members to the building area. You will be the only one with access rights.
    • You may rent more than one station, however you can only rent one station per server.
    • Expired Stations
      • If one of the larger stations (the main 4 shops) expires there will be an auction to decide the next owner of the station.
      • If you want another users location, make an application on their expiry date at 12:01AM EST. All dates are in EST. Making an application sooner will just get you denied and possibly fined for an improper application.
      • There is no priority period for an ex-owner if their station has expired. Once a station has expired, applications will be handled on a first-come-first-serve basis.
    • Shop Rules:
      • Must be online and active, at least 7 hours a week. *Not doing so risks eviction*
      • Must constantly have 10 minimum fully stocked chests in your store. *Not doing so risks eviction*
      • Must restock empty chests within 72 hours, or remove them. *Not doing so risks eviction*
    • Building Rules:
      • This area can have anything you like within it. Get creative and make an awesome shop. It must however be a shop. Not following this rule risks getting evicted. This is not your personal private plot; this is your commercial store plot.
      • Max of 25 item frames
      • No Redstone lamps
      • No working redstone
      • No lava
      • No fire
      • No water
      • No vines
      • No naturally grown trees. Must be made by hand.
    • TIP: Expiries happen on every Monday, so if you order on Tuesday you will recieve an additional 6 days free as we start counting from the upcoming Monday + 2 weeks!
    • TIP: Be sure to check the expiry date thread to ensure the location you are applying for is not taken. Further more you can use the command "/region info station<#>" to be 100% sure. Example: If you wanted to check if someone is in the 9th station you can use "/region info station9" command and see if any usernames are listed in the members area. Also be sure to check any applications done before yours in the Resident+ section to ensure you are not applying for a shop that another user has already applied for. Please be extra careful and know what you are doing.


    • To apply for Spawn Trade-Shop Rental you must fill out this form.
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