Skyblock Seasons and Resets

Nov 3, 2018
Skyblock Seasons and Resets
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    Skyblock Season 2 Spawn
    EcoCityCraft's Skyblock Server resets operate on a quarterly schedule. In other words, each Skyblock season will last for exactly three months, followed by a reset.

    Skyblock Season Schedule(top)

    The current Skyblock Season Schedule is as follows:

    January 1st - April 30th
    May 1st - August 31th
    September 1st - December 31st​

    A countdown that displays the time until the next reset will occur can be found on the Skyblock Season Countdown page. You can also use that page to determine how many days are left in the current season.

    Skyblock Season Resets(top)

    Each Skyblock season presents a fresh start for the Skyblock Server. All users will lose several items related to their previous Skyblock season.

    These include:
    • Your Skyblock Island
    • Your Skyblock Balance
    • Your Skyblock Items, Inventory and Experience
    • Your Skyblock McMMO Levels
    • Any unused Skyblock Crate Keys

    However, some items will carry over to subsequent seasons of Skyblock.

    These include:
    • Donation Ranks
    • Island and Player Upgrades
    • Monthly Packages (i.e. /kit spawner1, /kit casino1, etc.)

    Any kit cooldowns as well as the Island Reset Counter are refreshed when a new Skyblock season commences.

    Skyblock Season Prestige(top)

    Each Skyblock season presents users a new opportunity to acquire Prestige Levels. You may only Prestige once per season for a maximum of two separate seasons. These do not need to be consecutive seasons.

    The Skyblock Medal is also available to island owners and their team members who meet the prestige requirements. This medal can only be earned once, regardless if any further Prestige levels are acquired by the awarded user(s).
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