Skyblock Medal Application

Feb 5, 2022
Skyblock Medal Application

  • Skyblock Medal Application(top)


    • COST:
      • Special Instructions
    • RANK:
    • ACTION:
      • Must read rules over and ensure they are followed.
      • Must ensure entire application is read and applied for properly.


    • Apply to receive the EcoCityCraft Skyblock Medal!
    • To be eligible you must be the owner of an island with a certain level achievement:
      • If applying on Month 1 of current season: 25,000 Levels
      • If applying on Month 2 of current season: 40,000 Levels
      • If applying on Month 3 of current season: 55,000 Levels
      • If applying on Month 4 of current season: 70,000 Levels
        • Level requirements based on the date you submit your application.
    • You must maintain the above level requirements to keep your prestige.
      • If you prestige during Month 3 with an island level of 55,000, you are free to quit until next season, should you wish to do so. Your prestige will remain in your account.
    • If your island level found to be below your Prestige amount at the end of the Skyblock season you will lose your Prestige for that season. Your island level must be maintained.
    • You are able to choose up to 5 team members to receive the medal along side yourself.
    • View your stats on Skyblock Leader Boards page.
    • You must provide a screenshot from Skyblock Leader Boards page.
    • If you opt in to choose up to 5 team members to receive the medal along side yourself, you must ensure they appear in the screenshot and on your Skyblock Leader Board page.
    • Obtaining this medal also grants you 1 Prestige Level!
    • Only the applicant of this medal will receive the Prestige upgrade. If you already have this medal through another island leader, you will need to start your own island, reach the points goal and re-apply. You must be the original creator of the island to earn this medal. Transferring owners to upgrade prestige is not allowed.


    • To apply for the Skyblock Medal you must fill out this form.

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