Skyblock Market

May 6, 2018
Skyblock Market
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    The Skyblock Market
    Skylegend and SkyGod users on the Skyblock Server can create shops in the Market (/warp market) section of spawn. These shops have special rules so that all Skylegends+ have room to sell items in the Market.


    • The Market is a location in which Skylegends and SkyGod users can easily sell their items.
    • All players can buy from the Market!
    • Chests automatically vanish once a shop's stock runs out. Players must keep their shops stocked to reserve their spots in the shop!
    • Warp to each of the shops by doing /warp shop#.


    • Only Skylegend and SkyGod users can build in the Market.
    • Any single user can only have 20 chests in the Market at one time.
      • Double chests count as 2 chests.
    • You cannot use an alt account to bypass this Chestshop limit.
    • Unreasonable pricing to keep a shop in the Market is not allowed.
    • Any violation of the above rules will result in a ban from the server. Do not build in the Market if you cannot follow these rules!
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