Skyblock Anti-Lag Measures

Oct 1, 2018
Skyblock Anti-Lag Measures
  • Several systems and nerfs are put into place on EcoCityCraft's Skyblock Server to limit the lag experienced by players during gameplay.


    Hopper transfer and pickup speeds are reduced drastically.


    Mobs stack when five (5) of the same type are present within close vicinity of each other. These mob stacks count as single mobs when processed in challenges that require multiple mobs to be within a certain radius of the player.

    Only Sheep of the same color/sheared status, Zombies, Zombie Pigmen, and Husks of the same type (Baby or not), Slimes and Magma Cubes of the same size, and Villagers of the same profession (robe color) will stack. This means that if four Red Sheep and one Orange Sheep were within close vicinity of each other, they would not stack to form a 5x Sheep stack.


    Certain limitations on the pulse rate of Redstone have been placed to prevent lag issues.

    MaxPulses: 150
    Delay: 300

    These configuration settings above can be read as "150 pulses every 300 game ticks," which approximately allows for 10 pulses for a single Redstone component every second (assuming there are 20 ticks per second).

    Failure to follow the above settings will result in the violating Redstone component to be dropped in item form. Players should test their Redstone circuits and clocks by actively viewing them while running.

    Block Entities(top)

    Main article: Skyblock Entity Limits

    Certain limitations on the number of block entities are in place.

    Block Limit
    [​IMG] Armor Stand 500
    [​IMG] Banner 500
    [​IMG] Banner (hanging) 500
    [​IMG] Beacon 500
    [​IMG] Brewing Stand 500
    [​IMG] Chest 1000
    [​IMG] Daylight Sensor 500
    [​IMG] Dispenser 500
    [​IMG] Dropper 500
    [​IMG] Enchantment Table 500
    [​IMG] Ender Chest 500
    [​IMG] Flower Pot 500
    [​IMG] Furnace 500
    [​IMG] Hopper 500
    [​IMG] Item Frame 500
    [​IMG] Jukebox 500
    [​IMG] Mob Head 500
    [​IMG] Monster Spawner 500
    [​IMG] Note Block 500
    [​IMG] Painting 500
    [​IMG] Redstone Comparator 500
    [​IMG] Sign 500
    [​IMG] Sign (wall) 500
    [​IMG] Trapped Chest 500
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