Minecraft Screenshots

Dec 22, 2023
Minecraft Screenshots

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    EcoCityCraft's forum helps users and staff communicate ideas and issues. You may need to post screenshots on the forums for contracts, complaints, ban appeals, bug reports, or for fun. Though you may take screenshots for any purpose, there are guidelines for screenshots to be used as evidence (See Collecting Proper Evidence).

    Posting Pictures(top)

    When you have a screenshot or image you want to post to the forum, you will first need to upload it to a image upload website. Different websites may have different upload procedures and image storage limitations.

    Some Image Upload Websites:

    Once you have chosen a upload site, find the image you want to upload. If it was a Minecraft generated screenshot, you can browse to the screenshots folder (this location is listed below for Windows and Mac). Then upload it.

    Once uploaded, you will need to get the direct URL to the image. You may be able to click on the image to get to a webpage with only the image on it, and copy the URL in the webpage address bar (it will have .png or .jpg or .bmp at the end). Or you may be able to right click on the image, and select something like Copy Image URL.

    On your forum post you can now add the image. Click the "Insert/edit image" button on the toolbar:


    Then paste the link you copied into the window that appears, click "insert" and it will add the image to the thread.


    How to Take Screenshots(top)

    There are a few ways to take screenshots. Minecraft has a built in screenshot function, that can screenshot whatever is in the Minecraft window. If you open the chat box (T), you can screenshot more lines of chat too.

    Minecraft Screenshots(top)

    The default key to take screenshots in Minecraft is F2.

    On some keyboards (like laptops or mac computers), you may need to hold down a modifier key (Fn) in order to use the F2 key.

    After you take a screenshot in Minecraft, the filename of the image will appear in the chatbox. The filename is the date and time that the screenshot was taken.

    Timestamped Screenshots(top)

    If you need to have a screenshot with a timestamp (like for evidence), you can take two screenshots. The second screenshot will show the timestamp of the first screenshot, and you can submit the second screenshot as evidence.

    Navigate to the Minecraft screenshots folder to view/use the image. The location of the Minecraft folder is different on different types of computers.

    Windows Computers(top)

    The location of the Minecraft folder is different on different types of computers.

    Default location on Windows:


    • You can access this by pushing the Windows + R key to open the Run window, then type %APPDATA% and hit enter. Afterwards, navigate to the .minecraft folder, and inside that is the screenshots folder.

    Skip to screenshots.

    Mac Computers(top)

    The location of the Minecraft folder is different on different types of computers.

    Default location on Mac:

    ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots

    • You can access this by going to the menu bar at the top of the screen, clicking Go > Go To Folder. You can then copy and paste the file path.

    Skip to screenshots.

    Non-Minecraft Screenshots(top)

    Though Minecraft has a built in screenshot ability, sometimes there may be a glitch in Minecraft, and you may not be able to take a screenshot with the chat box open. This happened in Minecraft 1.7.2.

    On a Windows computer, press T to open the chat window so it is showing. Take a screenshot by first clicking the window you want to capture, and press the Print Screen key. You will then need to open a photo-editing application, like Paint, to paste the image, and then save it. You can store it into your Minecraft screenshot folder, or anywhere else you like.

    On a Mac computer, press T to open the chat window so it is showing. Then you can press CMD + SHIFT + 4 at the same time, click your mouse button and drag a box around the Minecraft window, then release. This will screenshot the selected area and the screenshot image will be on your desktop. This screenshot can be stored in a folder for future references.

    Alternatively, you can also press CMD + SHIFT + 4, release those keys then press SPACE, and you can just click on the Minecraft window to screenshot it, without the need for dragging a box.

    Timestamps in Non-Minecraft Screenshots(top)

    • If you are in a situation where you need a screenshot with a timestamp, but you can't have the Minecraft chat box open at the same time, do the following:
      • Have the chat box closed/minimized. (Do not press T)
      • Take a Minecraft screenshot for the timestamp.
      • Then open the chat box (T) and use the non-Minecraft screenshot method to screenshot the entire Minecraft window.
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