(Main) WaterPlus

Mar 4, 2020
(Main) WaterPlus

  • WaterPlus - ($) 15(top)

    *Feature is available in Rising/Mining!*

    With WaterPlus you get protection from Drowning as well as Suffocation! Tired of going up for air every few seconds while building out in the ocean? This feature is perfect for you!

    /cheattoggle -or- /cheats -or- /ct
    • Use this command to disable the water damage / suffocation cheat. Use the command again to re-enable it. This command disables all cheats on your account which are found in WaterPlus, PyroPlus and FeedPlus packages.
    /kit waterplus
    • The /kit waterplus command spawns you even more water items every hour!
      • Item: Sponge x32
      • Item: Ice x64
    Visit our shop to purchase this feature!
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