(Main) TravelBagPlus

Jun 24, 2020
(Main) TravelBagPlus

  • TravelBagPlus - ($) 50(top)

    *Feature is available in Rising/Nether/End/Mining!*

    With travel bags you get your very own cross server inventory storage.
    You can access this "cloud" storage when connected to one of our Main servers.


    Additional plus packages are available to increase the amount of travel bags you have access to, up to a maximum of 91 extra travel bags.

    TravelBag: 1 Bags
    TravelBagPlus: 3 Bags
    TravelBagPlus2: 6 Bags
    TravelBagPlus3: 10 Bags
    TravelBagPlus4: 15 Bags
    TravelBagPlus5: 21 Bags
    TravelBagPlus6: 28 Bags
    TravelBagPlus7: 36 Bags
    TravelBagPlus8: 45 Bags
    TravelBagPlus9: 55 Bags
    TravelBagPlus10: 66 Bags
    TravelBagPlus11: 78 Bags
    TravelBagPlus12: 91 Bags

    /travelbag <#> (Example: /travelbag 1)
    /tb <#> (Example: /tb 1)
    • Use this command to access the travel bag number you choose! From here you can move things around any way you wish on any Main server.
    /travelbagedit name <#> <name> (Example: /travelbagedit name 1 Startools)
    /tbe name <#> <name> (Example: /tbe name 1 Startools)
    • Use this command to name your travel bags for easier organization and storage!

    Visit our shop to purchase this feature!
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