(Main) TownControlPlus3

Mar 25, 2020
(Main) TownControlPlus3

  • TownControlPlus3 - ($) 30(top)

    *Feature is available in Rising!*

    The TownControlPlus3 feature gives you the ability to set certain custom third-party flags not available in the actual town plugin we use! Get ultimate control over your towns with extreme in-depth tuning!

    Overriding protection permissions to allow/deny certain block placement/breaking regardless of a users member status in your town. Example, this allows you to allow everyone on the server to place/break a certain block in your town, even if they are not part of the members/owners list, as well as allows you to prevent those already part of your town from placing/breaking certain blocks. This can all be super fine tuned with group flags as well such as "-g nonmembers" "-g nonowners" and more!

    Fine tuning your farm town plots with perfected walk speed settings. Certain speeds work better with certain crops, and this allows you to set various speeds for either your entire town, or just your singular farm plots. Bonus: Users don't need the Flying/Speed feature from our store to make use of these speed settings! Make your farm renting business that much more profitable.

    Extra EcoDollars! Sell any of these flags to Mayors on EcoCityCraft for a fee. This is allowed and encouraged!

    Allow Block Place
    /rg flag <townname> allow-block-place [ITEM,ITEM,ITEM]
    Example: /rg flag spawn allow-block-place dirt,stone,stone_bricks
    • Allows placing specified block(s) overriding region permissions

    Deny Block Place
    /rg flag <townname> deny-block-place [ITEM,ITEM,ITEM]
    Example: /rg flag spawn deny-block-place dirt,stone,stone_bricks
    • Blocks placing specified block(s) even with permissions to region

    Allow Block Break
    /rg flag <townname> allow-block-break [ITEM,ITEM,ITEM]
    Example: /rg flag spawn allow-block-break dirt,stone,stone_bricks
    • Allows breaking specified block(s) overriding region permissions

    Deny Block Break
    /rg flag <townname> deny-block-break[ITEM,ITEM,ITEM]
    Example: /rg flag spawn deny-block-break dirt,stone,stone_bricks
    • Blocks breaking specified block(s) even with permisisons to region

    /rg flag <townname> walk-speed [0-1]
    Example: /rg flag spawn walk-speed 0.4
    • Set walk speed for the specified region. Values range from 0 to 1. 0.2 being the default MineCraft walk speed.
    Visit our shop to purchase this feature!
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