(Main) PyroPlus

Jun 16, 2020
(Main) PyroPlus

  • PyroPlus - ($) 15(top)

    *Feature is available in Rising/Nether/End/Mining!* (No fire/lava protection in the End world.)

    With PyroPlus you get protection from Lava as well as Fire! Swim through lava and walk in fire with no more fear! You also get the ability to fill empty buckets with lava an unlimited amount of times!

    Fireworks! With the PyroPlus feature you will be able to place fireworks without using any dispensers whatsoever! This will allow you to instantly launch them off the ground from anywhere without worrying about setting dispensers up! Surprise your friends and have fun!

    /fill lava
    • Use this command while holding a bucket to fill it with lava! Can be used an unlimited amount of times.
    /cheattoggle -or- /cheats -or- /ct
    • Use this command to disable the fire damage cheat. Use the command again to re-enable it. This command disables all cheats on your account which are found in WaterPlus, PyroPlus and FeedPlus packages.
    Visit our shop to purchase this feature!
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