(Main) Flying/Speed

Feb 5, 2023
(Main) Flying/Speed

  • Flying/Speed - ($) 100(top)

    *Feature is available in Rising!*

    Flying + Speed is available for our hardcore builders. If you are here to build very big, creative, detailed structures and feel extremely limited by not being able to fly you may purchase this feature and have it available to you permanently.

    • Activates creative minecraft flying. Use it the same way you use fly in creative mode.
    /speed <1-10>
    • Changes your flying speed as well as your walking speed. For example; use command "/speed 10" while flying to fly at top speed, or use "/speed 6" for a bit more steady flight control. As well, you can use /speed 10 while on the ground to adjust your running speed. This is great for those who like to run around to get places as opposed to fly. Remember to activate your creative flying with /fly to enable your fly speed controls.
    Visit our shop to purchase this feature!

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