(Main) FeedPlus

Mar 28, 2020
(Main) FeedPlus

  • FeedPlus - ($) 25(top)

    *Feature is available in Rising/Nether/Mining!*

    With the FeedPlus package you no longer have to type /feed to recharge your hunger bar. It will now do so automatically with no extra work on your part!

    /fill milk
    • Use this command while holding a bucket to fill it with milk! Can be used an unlimited amount of times.
    /fill clear
    • Use this command while holding a filled bucket to clear it.
    /cheattoggle -or- /cheats -or- /ct
    • Use this command to disable the auto feed cheat. Use the command again to re-enable it. This command disables all cheats on your account which are found in WaterPlus, PyroPlus and FeedPlus packages.
    Visit our shop to purchase this feature!
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