LWC Protections

Jul 30, 2019
LWC Protections
  • *Avaliable on EcoCityCraft's Main Network and Skyblock Servers*

    On EcoCityCraft one of the primary way to protect your things is with LWC Protections. They are also commonly referred to as "locks" or "LWC's".

    Primarily you want to use LWC protections to protect your items in chests, however you may also lock other things to prevent users from accessing areas. This includes interactive signs, doors, gates and trapdoors.

    Here is a list of all the things you can lock with LWC protections.
    • Chest
    • Trapped Chest
    • Furnace
    • Dispenser
    • Dropper
    • Shulker Box - All colors
    • Obsidian
    • Sign
    • Iron Door
    • Wooden Doors - All wood types
    • Iron Trapdoor
    • Wooden Trapdoor - All wood types
    • Fence Gate - All wood types
    • Banners - All colors
    • Player Heads
    LWC Flags:
    You can add different flags to LWC protections to allow them to be interacted with by different elements of the game. Flags are very limited on EcoCityCraft.

    Enabled LWC Flags:
    • /credstone
      • Use this flag to allow redstone to interact with a LWC protected block such as a lever or button or even a chest
    • /lwc flag autoclose on|off
      • Use this flag to prompt a locked door or trapdoor to automatically close after you open it.

    Adding groups to LWC Protections:
    It is possible to add specific groups of users to your LWC protections. You can add permission to access a protection to an entire town region of members or you can even allow specific ranks of users.

    Adding an entire town region of members:
    • /cmodify region:<townname>
    Adding user groups:
    • /cmodify g:main_<usergroup>
    • /cmodify g:skyblock_<usergroup>
    Permissions to a protections do respect inheritance. If you add the main_Mayor group to a protection then everyone who is a Mayor and ranked higher will be able to access the protection.

    Disabled Protections/Features:

    Disabled Lock Types:
    • Donation Locks(/cdonation)
    Disabled LWC Flags:
    • Magnet
    • Hopper
    • Exemption
    • Allowexplosions
    These flags can be applied to LWC protections but will not actually function.
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