Legal Mods On ECC

Jan 29, 2019
Legal Mods On ECC

  • Legal Mods(top)

    You are allowed to use any of the following mods on ECC:
    • 5zig
    • Gammabright
    • Journeymap (with certain limitations, see below.)
    • VoxelMap (with certain limitations, see below.)
    • Macro/Keybind
    • OptiFine
    • Replay Mod
    • Schematica
    • TabbyChat
    • Watson

    You should ask a staff member if you intend to use a mod that isn't listed here.


    Journeymap is the only legal minimap on ECC. Those are the installation instructions for 1.12.2:

    Installation Instructions(top)

    1. Download Forge for 1.12.2 from Recommended build:
    2. Install Forge.
    3. Download the ECC Minimap Mod from here.
    4. Place the .jar file in your mods folder.
    5. Follow the "Adjusting Journeymap settings" instructions below to disable illegal features. This is important.
    6. Join ECC.

    Please post questions in the help and support section.

    Adjusting Journeymap and VoxelMap Settings(top)

    As Journeymap for 1.11+ no longer offers a Fairplay edition, you must ensure that your Journeymap settings are correct if you wish to legally use it on ECC.

    Open the fullscreen map. The default key is J, but it can be modified in the Minecraft controls menu.
    Ensure the six highlighted red buttons are deactivated.

    Access further options by clicking on the highlighted yellow button.

    Select "Minimap Preset 1". By default this should be the only active Minimap. If you are an advanced player using two minimaps, repeat the following step for "Minimap Preset 2".


    Ensure the six highlighted red checkboxes are deactivated.

    Those instructions disable the cave map and the entity radar; you are now allowed to use the Journeymap mod on ECC.
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