How to Create a Forum Account

Feb 27, 2018
How to Create a Forum Account

  • How to Create a Forum Account(top)

    Forum accounts are used for almost everything. From buying new ranks to posting complaints & ban appeals, every member of EcoCityCraft needs to have a forum account. Read these few quick, easy steps to learn how to create one!

    Step I(top)

    • Find the 'Login/Create' Account button on the top right of your screen while on and press it.
    • Fill in the required information and make sure you press the 'No, create an account now' button.
    • Now press 'Sign Up'.

    Step II(top)

    • Another screen will open up. This will ask you for things such as your email address, password, birth date, and your username.
      • Make sure the username you enter is your exact in game username.
    • Now, agree to the terms and rules, and press 'Sign Up'.

    Step III(top)

    • After filling out the form, check your email for a confirmation email.
    • Once you've accepted/confirmed the information in the email, you're all set up!
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