(Global) Custom Chat Channel

Apr 3, 2020
(Global) Custom Chat Channel

  • Custom Chat Channel - ($) 100(top)

    *Feature is available in all worlds & servers*

    The Global Custom Chat Channel purchase allows you to own a fully customizable custom chat channel which will work in all worlds, all servers, 100% network wide! As the owner of a custom chat channel, you get to choose the name, color, and several other settings all at your convenience. Further more, you can set a password, kick offenders, mute offenders and even ban offenders from your channel! It is 100% yours to customize and control.

    Keep in mind, commands are based per server. For example you can change the color of your chat channel differently depending on which server you are on. As well you will need to set your password on each server we have. (We cannot link this unfortunately).

    /ch mute [channel] <player>
    • Mute a player from speaking in your channel.
    /ch kick [channel] <player>
    • Kick a player from your channel.
    /ch ban [channel] <player>
    • Ban a player from your channel.
    /ch mod [channel]> <player>
    • Gives a user the chat mod permissions in your channel. This allows them to kick and ban|unban users from your channel.
    /ch set [channel] color <color>
    • Make your channel a different color. A great color guide can be viewed here.
    /ch set [channel] password <password>
    • Set a password for your chat channel. Users will now have to use /ch join [channel] <password> to get into your channel. Ultimate privacy! (Use /ch set [channel] password none to remove the password.)
    /ch who [channel]
    • See who is currently in your channel.
      • Only shows online users and is only shows the users connected on the same server as you.
      • Users who have Chat Mod permissions will be colored green

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