Forum Bank

Sep 29, 2023
Forum Bank
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    Transactions made through the forum bank.
    The EcoCityCraft Forum Bank is a management system for the EcoCityCraft's in-game currency, EcoDollars (abbreviated ECD).

    General Information(top)

    • The Forum Bank is a separate balance from any in-game balances.
    • The Forum Bank is not subject to EcoCityCraft's cleanup policy.
      • This means that, even if you are inactive for a very long time, your EcoDollars will remain in your balance.
    • ECD rewards from applicable game modes are deposited into your forum balance.
      • Refunds are not made for rewards applied to the wrong username or players without a forum account.
    • When applying for applications, your money must be in your in-game balance. The Staff team does not take funds from the Forum Bank for applications.
    • The bank closes every night from 11:40pm EST to 12:20am EST(40 minutes).

    Transaction History(top)

    The Transaction History will show all transactions made with your forum account through the Forum Bank. These include:
    • Deposits and withdrawals made from the Main Network and Skyblock servers.
    • ECD you have earned as prizes from in-game servers, such as Vanilla MineRun.
    • Player-to-player Forum Bank transactions, only accessible to users with Forum Premium.
    You can view your Transaction History by clicking "Transaction History" under the Bank tab or by simply clicking your EcoDollar balance at the top right corner of the forums.

    Forum Bank Privacy(top)

    Clicking the Bank tab on the forum header will take you to a page where you can view your Transaction History, buy more EcoDollars (with real money), and Transfer EcoDollars to other users, provided you have the Forum Premium Upgrade.

    Upon registration to the forums, your forum balance is hidden to other players by default. To change this, simply alter your Privacy settings within your profile and check the "Show Money" box.


    This will show your money in your posts and profile. You can check how much forum money you have by looking at your Transaction History, on your profile or in-game using the /bank balance command.

    Deposit and Withdraw(top)

    You can use your forum balance to move money throughout your balances on EcoCityCraft's various servers.

    The /bank balance command displays your Forum Bank balance.


    Main Network:
    Minimum $1,000 transaction
    • /bank deposit <amount>
    • /bank withdraw <amount>
    • /bank balance

    Skyblock Server:
    Minimum $10,000 transaction, with a conversion rate applied after of 10:1
    Example: $10,000 ECD will be $1,000 SBD (Skyblock Dollars) in Skyblock upon withdrawal.
    • /bank withdraw <amount>
    • /bank balance
    There is no way to transfer from your Skyblock in-game balance to the Forum Bank.

    Vanilla MineRun Server:
    Forum Bank is not available in Vanilla MineRun.

    Archive Server:
    Minimum $10,000 transaction
    • /bank withdraw <amount>
    • /bank balance
    There is no way to transfer from your Archive in-game balance to the Forum Bank.

    Transferring EcoDollars(top)

    Users who have Forum Premium may transfer EcoDollars to other users. This can be done via "Transfer EcoDollars" under the Bank tab.
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