Dec 23, 2023
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    A row of Chestshops
    Chestshops are a type of shop that can be created on the Skyblock and Main Network.

    General Information(top)

    Using Chestshops:
    Using chestshops is simple:
    • To BUY an item from the chest, RIGHT CLICK the sign.
      • A 'B' symbols means you will be BUYING from that chest.
    • To SELL an item to the chest, LEFT CLICK the sign.
      • A 'S' symbol means you will be SELLING to that chest.
    Main Network:
    • Builder+ may create Chestshops
    • Cannot be created in the Mining, Nether and End worlds.
    • Takes up 2 personal LWC locks, check your lock limits with /climits
    • Pilot+ may create Chestshops.
    • Cannot be created in the Nether and End worlds.
    • Takes up 2 personal LWC locks, check your lock limits with /climits

    Creating Chestshops(top)

    Selling and buying items with Chestshops is easy once you understand the syntax, or structure, of the sign on the chest.

    Line 1:

    Nothing is written on the first line of the Chestshop. It will be auto-filled with your username.

    Line 2:
    The second line of the Chestshop is the quantity of items you wish to sell at a time

    For example, if you wanted to sell 5 items at a time, you would write: 5

    Line 3:

    The third line of the Chestshop details the amount of money the items can be BOUGHT or SOLD for. The buy and sell prices are separated by a colon ( : ).
    B <buy-price> : S <sell-price>
    Similarly, you can create Chestshops so that items can only be BOUGHT or SOLD exclusively.
    B <buy-price>
    S <sell-price>
    For example, if you wanted players to be able to buy 5 of the item for $20 and be able to sell 5 of the item to you for $10, you would write:

    Rather, if you wanted players to only be able to buy 5 of the item for $20, you would write: (this also works for selling only)

    Line 4:

    The fourth line of the Chestshop is the ID of the item you wish to sell. Chestshops accept the name / ID of the item.

    /iteminfo or /iteminfo <id>
    • Without <id>:
      • Displays the Chestshop ID of the item in your hand.
    • With <id>:
      • Displays the Chestshop ID of the item specified in <id>.
    Don't know the ID or its too long?
    You also have the option of entering ? into the ID line. If there are any items in the chest, the fourth line will be auto-filled to the first item that is seen in the chest (from the top-left). Similarly, if there are no items in the chest, you can left click the chest with the item you wish to sell.

    Your sign should be typed out like this if you want to create a blank shop in which you can assign an item to later.

    This sign here has an item typed in the 4th line, this is how to assign a specific item upon creation.
    For example, if you wanted to allow players to buy 5 Cobblestone for $20 and sell 5 Cobblestone for $10, you would write:

    If you have correctly entered in all of this information then your username will appear on the top line. Congratulations! Your chest shop has been created!

    My chestshop didn't get created. What's wrong?(top)

    If you have incorrectly typed in the syntax when creating the chestshop, your sign will not be placed and you will receive a message in chat saying something went wrong.

    ERROR: You have specified invalid item id!
    • This message indicates that the ID for the item you wish to sell was entered incorrectly. If this was the case, make sure you are not using the numerical ID of the item you wish to sell. Instead, use /iteminfo while holding the item you wish to sell to see acceptable aliases.
    • [​IMG]
    ERROR: The shop cannot be used!
    • This message indicates that you incorrectly entered the buy and sell price wrong in line 3 of your sign. See the syntax above for the correct text to enter in.
    • [​IMG]

    • Managing your Chestshop(top)

    • If you are the chestshop owner, you can either right click the chest or the sign to open the chest and refill it.
    • You may also add other players to the chestshop so they might empty and refill the shop.
    • Simply use /cmodify <user> and click your chestshop to add a user to the shop.
    • Make sure they are not hindered by chest-access flags in your town
    You will also receive messages in chat when a player buys from or sells to your chestshop.
    • These messages can be toggled with /cstoggle

    Chestshop History(top)

    You can view your own chestshop history with the following commands.
    • /csn history
    • /csn history <page>
    Chestshop history will record transactions up to 30 days. After 30 days the logs clear.

    Editing Chestshops(top)

    Existing Chestshop signs can be edited by the shop owner. You must have a sign in your hand - then right click your shop sign to enter the sign-editing interface.
    In this interface you can edit;
    • Quanity (2nd Line, Q symbol)
    • Buy/Sell Price (3rd Line)
    • Item name (4th Line)
    You cannot edit the username on the 4th line, if the shop owner needs to change then the new owner must remake the sign for themselves.
    Simply exit the editing interface for your changes to take effect!

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