Jul 20, 2023
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    An auction for 1 Sponge block.
    Auctions are a method of money making on the Main Network and Skyblock servers where one's items can be sold to the highest bidder after a time limit. Certain parts of the auction, such as the starting price, minimum bidding increment, and buyout price can be customized with Auction commands.


    • /auction start or /auc start <amount> <price> [increment] [autowin]
      • Starts an auction with your held item and any entered parameters.
      • To start an auction, use the /auc start command.
        Running the command with no extra parameters will show you which parameters are required.

        For example, to start an auction, you want to hold the desired item(s) in your hand and issue a similar command to:
        • /auc start 1 100 100 1000
        This will start an auction with 1 of the items, with a starting price of 100, with a minimum bid increment of 100, with an auto-win of 1000.
        These numbers can be modified to customize your auction.
    • /auc info
      • Displays information about the auction that is currently running.
    • /auc bid <amount>
      • Places a bid on the current auction.
    • /bid
      • Places a bid with the next increment on the current auction.
    • /auc cancel
      • Cancels your currently running or queued auction.
      • You may not cancel auctions if they have been running for at least 30 seconds.
      • If your auction has a current active bid then you cannot cancel it.
    • /auc queue
      • Lists all the currently queued auctions.
    • /ch auction
      • Joins the Auction channel, where players can chat about Auctions and view Auction messages.
    • /ch leave auction
      • Removes you from the auction channel. This includes both player messages in the Auction channel and Auction messages.
    • /auc spam
      • Toggles the ability to hide several Auction chat messages, including user bids and Auction countdowns.
      • You will still see a message when an auction begins and ends and when Anti-Snipe occurs during an Auction.

    Banned Items(top)

    A number of items are banned from being auctioned via the auction plugin. Keep in mind these items can still be traded through traditional methods. Due to various issues the following items cannot be auctioned:
    • Shulker Boxes
    • Enchanted Books
    • Player Heads
    • Decorative Head Items
    • Tools with an /own ID
    • Note: Even if you remove your ownership of the tool you will still be unable to auction it. The ID remains and that is what is considered "banned lore".
    Example of an Owned Item:

    Auction Conduct(top)

    Spamming Auctions:
    It is considered spamming to create the same auction multiple times in a row without any sort of success. If you are auctioning items and no one is interested in bidding then you should simply try again at a different time.

    Troll Auctions:
    Auctions that are created with low value items at ridiculous prices are considered troll auctions. This also includes attempting to auction certain items to look like crate keys or other valuable items.

    Time Limits and Sniping(top)

    All auctions will last for one minute, and they can be extended should a player bid too close to the end of an auction. This is called sniping.

    To prevent sniping, an Anti-Snipe measure is in place that will extend the auction if a player bids too close to the end of the time limit. Other players will then have an opportunity to place a higher bid if they desire.

    You can only attempt to start an auction every 2.5 minutes. Even if you fail to start an auction properly due to missed parameters you will still be under cool-down.
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