ARCHIVE: The Beginner's Guide to Skyblock

Mar 29, 2020
ARCHIVE: The Beginner's Guide to Skyblock
  • Welcome to ECC Skyblock! This guide will walk you through all the necessary information you need to get started creating your island. Moreover, this guide will also discuss how playing Skyblock can benefit you with ECD and more on the Main Server!

    I only play the Main Server. How can Skyblock benefit me?(top)

    Currently the only way to benefit yourself on Main Network Servers from Skyblock is to achieve Prestige. For more information on Prestige and how to earn it, check out the EcoCityCraft Prestige Levels page.

    Creating Your Island(top)

    Now that we’ve quickly covered how Skyblock can help you on the Main Server, let’s introduce the /is command:

    • The main command for Skyblock islands. Most, if not all island functions will be through this command. You can also use this command to teleport back to your island.
    To spawn in your island, all you need to do is enter the command /is. Afterwards, you’ll be presented with three options for islands. These are:
    • Original
    • Black Diamonds
    • Duo
    WARNING: Do not vote or use your kits or crate/vote keys before you create your island! Your inventory will be wiped upon island creation!

    Each of these items have their own quirks that allow you to choose the kind of Skyblock experience you want. For the more challenging option, choose Black Diamonds. Conversely, if you wish to have an easier experience starting up your island, then Duo should be your choice. If you prefer the classic Skyblock feel, then the Original option is for you.

    No matter which island you choose, the same set of resources will be available to you. However, choosing the easier option will present you with additional resources, at the cost of your island level starting at negative numbers.

    /kit -OR- /kit <kit>
    • Displays the kits available to you. Kits are essentially free items to aid in your Skyblock island. Be sure to only use /kit after you have created your island.

    Inviting Your Friends(top)

    To add your friends or Skyblock teammates to your island, simply type /is invite <username>. The person you invite will need to accept this invitation afterwards using /is accept.

    WARNING: Joining an island will wipe your inventory!

    Please note, you can only have one island at a time. This means that, if you are currently part of someone else’s island, you cannot own an island yourself at the same time.

    Getting Started With Your Island(top)

    Once you’ve created your island, how you choose to interact with it is up to you. This guide will present one of many ways you can choose to advance your island to the next level. It also assumes you have basic skills as a Minecraft player.

    Now that you’ve made an island, you will need to begin gathering resources.

    Using the Resources Given to You(top)

    Immediately, you will notice that there is a chest with a set of resources as well as a tree. When punching your tree, you need to make sure that you collect as many saplings from the leaves as possible. This is done so that you can grow trees and gather more wood in the future. Because of this, many players choose to punch the leaves on the tree before chopping down the wood.

    Infinite Water Source(top)

    A common, 2x2 infinite water source.
    The infinite water source is achieved by placing two Water sources in a position so that they have one air block between them. Moreover, these two water sources must have a block below them to generate more water.

    Inside your chest, you are presented with two Ice blocks and a Bucket of Lava.

    You can place the Ice diagonally from each other or in a straight line with a gap.

    Once you’ve created your infinite water source, you can place the Lava in a temporary position and move around your water freely with the Bucket.

    TIP: Place a water source flowing off your island. If you fall off your island, you cannot use /is while falling. Therefore, it is important that you have a stream of water that you can use to save yourself from an unfortunate death in the void.

    The Cobblestone Generator(top)

    Many Skyblock players choose to create a Cobblestone Generator as their first farm. Cobblestone Generators are achieved by placing water and lava so that they interact in a specific way. It is recommended that you begin creating a Cobblestone Generator after you’ve made an infinite water source to avert the risk of losing your water.

    Below is a picture of an example Cobblestone Generator layout. It is important that the water is placed so that it does not directly touch your lava source block. Notice how the lava is placed in a way so that if the Cobblestone is mined, it flows into the water block.


    TIP: If your Lava turns into Obsidian, simply right click the Obsidian with your bucket. You will get your lava source back!

    Grass, Dirt, and Farming(top)

    After you’ve farmed enough Cobblestone, you can now begin to gather the Grass and Dirt on your island.

    Using Water flowing off your island, build a platform underneath your island with your Cobblestone. From there, you can begin to gather all the Dirt blocks on your island. These are important, as you need Dirt to create numerous farms.

    TIP: You cannot convert Dirt to Grass Blocks once you’ve harvested all of it. You should leave at least one Grass Block so that you can create more Grass later.


    So you have your basic farms and Cobblestone Generator set up, what next? Well, one of the features on the Skyblock server that you can use to get usually hard to obtain items are the Skyblock challenges!

    Using the /c command, you can access the interface for the challenges. By hovering over each item, you will see the rewards and requirements for each challenge. The harder the challenge, the greater the reward.


    Island Levels(top)

    Island levels are an indicator of the blocks you have placed on your island. Each block has a certain point value which goes toward island levels. Once you’ve earned 250 points, you move onto the next level. This number is displayed next to your username in chat. You can also find your island level by doing /is level.

    /is level
    • Allows you to use your see your island level. Also re-calculates your island level based on any changes you’ve made to your island.
    Your island level will only be updated when you use the command /is level. Placing blocks does not automatically update your island level.

    Setting Up Player Shops(top)

    In Skyblock, you’ll have two primary ways of selling items. These are:
    • Player shops at spawn for Skylegends+
    • Setting up your island warp and Chestshops

    The Market and Player Shops(top)

    Main article: Skyblock Market

    Users who are Skylegend or SkyGod can build in the Player Market (/warp Market). Visit the Market often to get the best prices on certain items.

    Island Warps and Chestshops(top)

    Follow the guide for Chestshops to learn how to create your own shop! Any rank can create Chestshops.

    Once you are island level 12, you have the ability to create island warps. Creating an island warp is easy. Simply write '[WELCOME]' on the first line of the sign, followed by any custom message you would like on the next three lines. An example island warp sign looks like this:


    Once you place the welcome sign, your island warp will appear in the /is warps interface.
    You can also do /is warp <username> to go to a player's island warp.



    The main fun of Skyblock is seeing how far you can go in terms of creating an island and surviving in the sky. Whether you build the largest automatic farms, build an amazing base, or create a beautiful scene of nature, Skyblock is meant for you to do whatever you desire with your island.
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