Archive Server

Dec 22, 2023
Archive Server
  • EcoCityCraft's Archive server is essentially a museum of the old main worlds of EcoCityCraft. This server is the product of over 10 years of EcoCityCraft's player history. It exists now as an archive, a museum for all to remember what has been. There are many many fine builds and creations and history to be explored on the server. It is also a bit of nostalgia for the veteran users as well.

    Current Archived Maps:(top)

    Pre-2018 Era (Ancient):
    Legacy: /warp legacy
    Rising: /warp rising
    • Access these maps with /warp rising and /warp legacy
    Town Warps:
    Access your Pre-2018 Era town warps (if the town had a warp) with /warp <townname>.
    Example: /warp epicure to warp to the Epicure nation.​
    October 2018 - May 2021 Era (ECC 1.0):
    Main Rising:
    • /warp spawnrising1
    MainNorth Rising:
    • /warp spawnrisingnorth1
    MainEast Rising:
    • /warp spawnrisingeast1
    May 2021 - March 2022 Era (ECC 2.0):
    Main Rising:
    • /warp spawnrising2
    MainNorth Rising:
    • /warp spawnrisingnorth2

    Town Warps:(top)

    Access your ECC 1.0 and ECC 2.0 Era town warps (if the town had a warp) with /warp, the notation is very specific, see below.
    • If you had a warp on Main Rising, you must add "rising1" to the end of the warp name.
      • Example: /warp highgardenrising1
    • If you had a warp on MainNorth Rising, you must add "risingnorth1" to the end of the warp name.
      • Example: /warp highgardenrisingnorth1
    • If you had a warp on MainEast Rising, you must add "risingeast1" to the end of the warp name.
      • Example: Example: /warp highgardenrisingeast1
    • ECC 2.0 warps will end in "rising2" or "risingnorth2".

    General Information(top)

    • Sell commands are disabled.
    • Trade Signs are disabled.
    • You cannot buy or place towns on Archive.
    • You cannot build in the "wild" regions of Archive. You can only build in town regions you have access to.
    • You can continue any builds you began before the change.
      • You cannot take money out of the Archive server.
      • You can use that money to buy blocks from the server block shop.
    • You can transfer town builds from this map to the current Rising for a price. More information here; Archive WorldEdit Application, Town Migration Application
    • You may apply to have a portal link from one of your towns on the Main Network to your Archive towns. This allows you to showcase your old towns!
    • You can use /kit obby, once every 24 hours for 32 Obsidian to make portal outlines.
    • You can use /rg list to see which towns you are added to on each map.
      • To view the full region list or to view region rights for other users you need the (Global) Patron feature.


    When supporter features were transferred to the Main Network they essentially became obsolete on Archive. However there is a select set of commands and features available on Archive through the Patron rank.
    When you purchase the Patron rank, you get access to limited commands of the following features:
    • Certain limited commands from previous ranks:
      • Resident
      • Mayor
      Certain limited commands from previous features:
      • Back
      • ExtCommandsPlus2
      • ExtCreationsPlus2
      • FeedPlus
      • FlyingPlus
      • InvestigatorPlus
      • MultiHomePlus9
      • PlayerVaultsPlus5
      • PyroPlus
      • StealthPlus2
      • TeleportPlus2
      • TownControlPlus
      • UnlimitedLWC
      • WaterPlus

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