Within the tunnels.

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    (This post is part of The Zodiac's Living Story. To follow the story from the beginning, click here: http://www.ecocitycraft.com/forum/threads/the-zodiac-living-story.79704/)

    As always, the Quorum are telling us nothing about the Quarantine. Sanne has stated that the situation is under control, but I know the truth. Just under an hour ago, I received a message from somebody inside the city. This is what the authorities don't want us to know. This is the horrifying truth:

    "There are bodies in the streets. The stench on death is everywhere. We try to stay inside, but we don't have much food here. The authorities assure us they will send more, but there has been no help."

    "I have children, I have a family. Already my father is gone, and now they are sick too."

    "We have seen sickness before. Leonids know sickness better than anyone. When we first escaped the surface, there was so much... So much death."

    "But even this is worse. It comes with no warning. First there is just a cough, and then the bleeding begins. Within a few hours you are dead. All the doctors do is tell us to drink water, but some don't even trust that anymore, they think that it is contaminated. They think that the radiation from the surface has finally got to us."

    "Everybody is scared. We have been abandoned. We have been abandoned down here to die..."

    - Private notes of Rachel Blake, Reporter for The Caprican Chronicle.

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