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    Winter 2024 Sale!
    Winter Treasure Keys!

    Our store-wide Winter sale is now live!

    Introducing Winter Treasure Keys!
    Check out the new Winter Treasure prize crate via /cc!

    New Prizes have been added!
    • Mythic Sword L2 and L3
    • Treasure of Choice (x1, x2, x3) - This is the GRAND PRIZE
    Treasure of Choice means you can choose any prize from the Winter Treasure Crate, if you get x2 or x3, it means you can choose 2 or 3 unique prizes!

    Obtain these keys by purchasing the following packages on the store.
    • $100 ECC Giftcard = 1 Winter Treasure Key!
    • $200 ECC Giftcard = 2 Winter Treasure Keys!
    • $300 ECC Giftcard = 4 Winter Treasure Keys!
    • $495 ECC Giftcard = 8 Winter Treasure Keys!
      • Due to a Tebex limitation we had to lower the top GC by $5, however it's purchase price was also lowered by $5.
    Once your purchase is complete these keys will be awarded to your account as physical keys! This means you are free to trade/sell your Winter Treasure Keys as you please. Please keep in mind that once the key has been spun the resulting prize is tied to the winner and non-transferrable!

    Spin now? Absolutely!
    You are able to spin your Winter Treasure Keys on your own time immediately; no more waiting. Many of the prizes will be awarded to you automatically, alternatively you will be given instructions in game to receive your prizes if needed!
    I will also track your wins personally to make sure everyone gets their Winter Treasure prize!

    Winter store-wide sale, and Treasure Keys will disappear on March 20th, 2024 at 11:59pm
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