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    [Spleef] : A competitive game involving destroying blocks under other players until one player is the last man standing.
    Locations: Undertown , Game Central, Eltos
    [PvP Arena] : Are areas in which players compete face to face with one objective, kill the other players.
    Locations: EcoCity,
    [Blockey] : A game in which two teams consisting of 2-3 players play head to head in an arena. The goal of the game requires each team to cover their goals with a specified amount of dirt, and from their the ball (any minecraft item) is tossed from player to player and score on the opponents defended goal for points.
    Locations: SpriteCity, Eltos,
    [Capture the Flag] : A competitive game which has teams competing to retrieve another teams flag and return that flag back to their base for a point.
    Locations: Shiro,
    [Defend Your Castle] : A competitive game in which teams of 2-4 with 5 players each are required to build their castles, defend them, and destroy the other teams castles to win.
    Locations: Shiro,
    [Obstacle Course] : A game that requires one or more individuals to complete a course with many jumps and turns to reach the end. Most of the course victors receive some payment for their victory.
    Locations: EcoCity, GameCentral,
    [Bumper Boats] : Bumper Boats is the minecraft equivalent of Bumper Carts, but instead of keep carts away you destroy your opponents boats with your boat.
    Locations: Souldwood pre-world edit.
    [Casinos] : A game that implements a slot machine in minecraft, and when cobble matches and there are no arrows you win a prize! In order to play you must pay with ingots (gold, iron).
    Locations: Koto, RedWoodCity, SpriteCity

    Note to wiki team, if any of you know other locations for the games, or if any of the listed locations are wrong feel free to add or delete them from the list. If I am missing any games also add them to the list, and if game description don't make sense change them.

    The games in the underlined brackets should be a link to a more in depth page with further information regarding the games.
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    Thank you for your submission :D
    We will be adding it once it is edited.
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    Added to both contest & wiki page