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    "Defend your Castle" is a strategy game in minecraft that consist of teams of 5v5 to 10v10. The game of Defend Your Castle was created by Kojigaki of EcoCityCraft and resides around the same aspects of Capture the Flag, but with a differing goal being destroy the opposing teams castle rather than capturing the flag of an opposing team. The game of Defend Your Castle can currently be found in the city of Shiro with its mayor D0rc, and co-mayor Kojigaki. If interested in playing Defend Your Castle contact D0rc or Kojigaki of the town of Shiro.

    How to play!
    *Prior to match be sure to bring a pick, and weapons and armor for battle (no other items will be allowed)*
    -Each team will be given 6-8 stacks of glass, a chest, 2 stacks of cobble, and a stack of wood for resupply.
    -Each team will use the glass to build their castle in 15 minutes!
    -At the beginning of the match a countdown will begin and the match will start!
    -Be sure to keep your castle standing and destroy the opposing teams castle!
    - Any extra materials can be used to craft extra materials (Pick Axes/Weapons)
    -Winners will receive prize money, or items!
    *The objectives are further explained below*

    The Objectives of the game being:
    -Defend your castle from the opposing teams offense, and be sure they don't destroy your castle!
    -Destroy your opponents castles before the opposing team does!
    -Build a fortified castle that will withstand an enemies barrage.

    ----Disobeying the rules will get you evicted from the game, and you will not get a refund.
    1. Each player is required to pay a fee of $500 to play, $400 of the fee goes into the jackpot ,if you don't pay you don't play
    *Recreational games will be played, payments won't be extracted for EVERY game.
    2. Do not leave the 200x200 play area!
    3. Any extra blocks found during the building process may penalize your WHOLE! team. (The refs will have a thorough counting of the blocks in your castle)
    4.You're structure must resemble a "Castle" (the game is Defend your castle not defend your box)
    5. This is a PvP area, it is suggested you set your home as your teams castle! If you don't it may mean losing the game for your team!
    6. If you do set your home it MUST be in your castle and nowhere else.
    7. Do not destroy the playing field of 200x200!
    8. Have fun, be a good sport!

    - The original arena for the game can be found on an 83x38 plot in the town of GameCentral
    - The town name of Shiro (城) means Castle in Japanese
    - Shiro also means generation, and white in Japanese
    - Originally DFC used cobble, but teams would rebuild with destroyed cobble so the creator (Kojigaki) changed it to glass.
    - Earning Money, and building of Shiro took 3 days.
    - Shiro overlaps an old abandoned town.
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    I'll add this to the wiki. Good work.