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    This is a place where you can buy your own 10x15x5 plot to set up a shop.
    Ways to buy one:
    You can buy one by mailing me in-game or on the forums.You can buy a shop from another player.
    What is the cost?:Each shop sells for 15k and you get to keep if for ever, the only way I would take it away is if you were perma-banned or inactive.If you buy a shop from another user they make up the cost.Rules:
    You cannot own more than 1 shop.
    Your plot must contain trade signs.
    The trade signs cannot be scam signs
    No building outside your plot. (griefing)
    Do not lock other peoples trade signs. (trolling)
    Other info: If you know you will be inactive please mail me so I can post your name on the inactive users list.
    Advertisements: For 1k you can put a ad up on the ad board. For 2k you can put a trade sign on the trade sign board. Trade signs must not be scam signs. (walk up the starts to find these boards).
    Ways of getting here? If you have the TP donation feature you can type /warp shoptown
    If you do not have TP watch this video ----->