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    Jun 23, 2014
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    No introduction needed, we all know what voting is.
    However voting returns with a rather nice facelift.
    So, what's new?
    It is fairly self explanatory, simply hop in-game and try the following commands:

    /vote gui
    /vote list
    /vote shop

    and many more under /vote help

    In the past you earned Nether Stars for your daily voting. Now we have a brand new voting reward called EcoVotes!
    EcoVotes can be used to purchase things on the Vote Shop. Collect EcoVotes and spend them on the shop!
    You can even trade EcoVotes with other players and earn some EcoDollars!

    /vote givepoints <player> <amount>

    Coming Soon:

    -More voting sites for more EcoVotes.
    -Vote Streaks.
    -Vote Gamble Machines.​
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