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    Week 1, Mining!
    Use "/server vmr" or visit the lobby to access the VMR portal.

    Our Vanilla MineRun release is now ready to go.

    We ask everyone stay patient with us as this is brand new; and although we did an incredible amount of testing, it never compares to the real test, when you release something to the public. Please report any issues you find in our Help/Support section as always!

    Week 1 will be a Mining theme by @Nicit6

    Sale prices are as follows:
      goldenapple: 10.0
      saddle: 10.0
      ironnugget: 2.0
      goldnugget: 10.0
      quartz: 1.0
      magma: 0.5
        '0': 1.0
      redstone: 2.0
      obsidian: 2.0
      quartzblock: 4.0
      ironingot: 18.0
      goldingot: 90.0
      redstoneblock: 18.0
      diamond: 100.0
      lapisblock: 18.0
      ironblock: 162.0
      goldblock: 810.0
      greenrecord: 100.0
      goldrecord: 100.0
      diamondblock: 900.0
      emerald: 150.0
      emeraldblock: 1350.0
        '4': 2.0
      ironbarding: 10.0
      goldbarding: 25.0
      diamondbarding: 50.0

    Leader boards can be found here:
    Main news post regarding release/more information can be found here.
    Throughout the next few days we will work on updating several wiki sections as well as in-game information sections to help new players get familiar with what ECC offers and help them ease into travelling to VMR.

    PS: Our future plans consist of the following:
    - Ease of use on the ECC network regarding travelling / information.
    - - You will see changes on the website, wiki, game servers, etc, to help easily give information.
    - Skyblock setup / moving forth with it, as long as all goes well with VMR.


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