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    Italia Thread​
    We are a friendly town underconstruction we are going to be a residents + town and hope to have a very active and friendly town we will be doing a lot of wok on this town for a while we are going to be making a huge 400x400 town eventually we plan on making a super town and have Italia be the capital and make other foreign European towns to go with this we are going to be a mix of premade homes and plots​
    Soon To Come​
    Town Portal​
    Pvp arena​
    This town will be for residents + only​
    This town is going to be a unique town because we are not making it a flat town we will being making a European nation with tons of different European towns in a snow biome and will be building the town within the nature and the biome The thing that makes us different from other towns is that we will be not doing flat we will be a European super town that eventually will become 400x400​
    If u would like to donate to this project let me know this will be a huge project so any donations can help out​
    Once we get a decent amount of the town done we will start plot reservations which will be cheaper than when we are officially open​
    *Town Rule's*​
    1. No Griefing or Breaking other creations​
    2. No disrespecting other players or the town mayors​
    3. Must be an active Player​
    4. Resident +​
    5. No stealing​
    6. Height limit 22​
    7. European Theme home​
    8. Have fun and enjoy the town​
    Preorder Plot Prices​
    u save 1k off of preordering plots​
    10x10= 1k​
    15x15= 2k​
    20x20= 4k​
    Preordering plots will end once town is up​
    Regular Plot Prices​
    We will expect to have some images of our progresses of the town up soon as we just started this huge project if u would like to vist it u can feel free to tp to me and vist this town​
    We hope that you will enjoy the one of a kind town coming out soon we will be trying to build things that havent been done before and want to make this very unique town and I hope all of u will like it comment below if u are thinking of reserving a plot​
    Plot Reservation Application​
    How often do u play:​
    What size plot would u like to order:​
    do u have the applicable amount:​
    I will read over thread every day so if u have a app ill respond to it thanks and hope to see u in Italia and have a nice day​
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    I will be one of the co mayors of this town. I can guarantee that it will be worth living in.