Uber's Diffrent types of Mining Pros and Cons + Tips

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    In This thread i'm going to discuss the 3 main types on Mining
    1: Dungeon Crawling: This normal involves you mining for dungeons where you can get rare items such as: Mossy Cobble, Saddles, and extra iron ingots ect.Tactics: Your listen to noises and judge where the monsters are or an easier way would be to use f3 but its not suggested because it makes it too easy which meaning less enjoyable. You Should bring a high quality sword or a bow but, i recommend you take both. :D. You should bring torches (a lot).
    Pros: This method will probably make the most money per hour. And this method will probably have your tools last the longest out of all the other methods.
    Cons: You die a lot and you will lose a lot of good stuff (such as Diamonds)
    2: Resource Farming: This Involves Making a hole from the surface to bedrock, this normal gets a ton of resources for you.
    Tactics: Gathering At least 10 tools of that are mixed between shovels and pickaxes (better if you have more pickaxes than shovels). Get a good 5X5 (minimum) square in case if anything goes wrong(lava). And bring a sword in case if you run into cave systems. And make sure
    Pros: This Method will get you the most resources per hour. Best if building a large structure.
    Cons: Least Financial gain out them all. Messes up Scenery.
    3: Vein Wander or Explorer: This In involves running into cave systems and generic mining down to diamond levels. This whole process depends on luck.
    Tactics: Bring At least 2 picks and a shovel and a lot of torches. You can have essentials and maybe some trash blocks(gravel and cobble or wood depending on what you prefer). Maybe Skip Common ore(i do not do that) such as coal and iron. Make sure you have basic fighting gear(food and high quality sword and maybe a bow).
    Pros: You can Be lucky. Good way for obtaining higher quality ore (diamond).
    Con:You can be Unlucky.
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    Dungeon crawling is great for people with /back and/or tombstone ;)