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    Jun 23, 2014
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    TownControlPlus users can now set poly-regions!
    You can now create custom shaped plots within your town to further customize how you manage your town within.
    Have that L-shaped apartment building that needs each unit as a plot - use poly-regions to properly plot your units!
    Even more! You are not limited to rectangular shapes! Poly-regions are quite flexible in their shapes and sizes, you're only limited by your ingenuity!

    Summon your selection tool:

    Change your selection mode:
    //sel poly - Switches you into poly-region mode
    //sel cuboid - Switches you into cuboid mode

    You must first left click a block for your starting point, then right click each point of your poly-region to expand your region into the desired shape!
    You can still use //expand commands to further customize your poly regions before setting them!​

    Check out this short video on how to select a poly region with your selection wand!