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    Users Involved in this Contract:

    General Purpose of Contract:
    Transferring official ownership of Mattlock and SunsetCity from MattShark7 to a_man21

    I (the contract initiator) agree to the following terms, and agree that my failure to complete such terms will result in a breach of contract, as outlined in Rule 3:

    - I, a_man21, will apply for any town features (portals, flags, warps, etc) provided that MattShark7 supplies the funds for them. I will apply for any applicable features within 1 week (7 days) of receiving the funds for it.

    The other user(s) involved with this contract must agree to the following terms:

    - MattShark7 agrees that this contract will act as the contract required for any future town claims for the towns of Mattlock and SunsetCity that a_man21 may choose to apply for in the future.
    - MattShark7 agrees to provide funds to a_man21 for any town features that he (MattShark7) wants for Mattlock or SunsetCity.
    - MattShark7 agrees that he will never attempt to reclaim official ownership of either of the previously mentioned towns so long as a_man21 is the official owner.

    I agree that the terms in this contract are subject to all of EcoCityCraft's rules, including the rules listed specifically in this forum. I understand that the contract may be affected by future changes in EcoCityCraft rules and server updates, and I accept that due to the possibility of such changes, this contract may be at my own risk. I understand that the contents of this contract are subject to staff assessment, review and approval before it is a binding contract under EcoCityCraft rules. I accept that action may not be taken in case of a breach of contract if appropriate and sufficient evidence is not provided of such.:
    Yes, I agree.
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    I, as another party to this contract, agree to the terms laid out for me to uphold, and understand that failure to complete such terms will result in a breach of contract:
    I do Agree
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    Everything looks good :)

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