[Town/Mayor Application] NEW OWNER: SteveShizzle (phoenix)

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    Jan 14, 2012
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    IGN: Kelvin826
    Are you a Resident: Yes
    Do you have the applicable cost in your balance: Yes
    How did you make the funds for this application. (Lying will result in a ban): Mining, trading, pumpkin farming, voting, help from friend
    Have you built/started some sort of town? / What is the town name: Town name is Phoenix. Building a farm under the town, and hope is not going to be grieved
    What is the size of your town (Between 100x100 - 200x200): 200x200
    Are your town posts set and what are the [x] [y] [z] co-ordinates of all posts: Yes
    Post A: X: -8131 Y: 65 Z: -1968
    Post B: X: -8131 Y: 65 Z: -2168
    Post C: X: -7931 Y: 65 Z: -2168
    Post D: X: -7931 Y: 65 Z: -1968
    Have you checked our Zoning Laws and are we waiting for a neighboring mayor response?: I have read the zoning laws, and I have no neighbors anywhere near the town.
    Additional information about your town: My friends are going to help me to build the town together and farm more for the next town
    The owner handles applications once every 1-7 days. (Meaning once a week) Asking constantly about your application does not speed up the process. We very well can see there are outstanding applications and handle them every few days. As well after payment has been taken your changes are not instant, please wait patiently as they are applied. Do you understand this?: Yes
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.