Tournaments In the PVP Arena -When- and -How-

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    When are we going to have the Tournaments, I see the board in front of the PVP Arena, and still wonder about it.
    Probably once a Week?
    And may I suggest prizes, Diamonds and In game cash and Drops from other players? (ofc)

    May I also Suggest Ideas for Different Types of Tournaments?:
    Have 8 or 16 users Fight Each other and whoever loses First is Eliminated. Rules can be set about various Weapons and Food
    1 Vs. 1
    Have them Heal up, and Prep for Next Round (Depending on Players)

    Invading and Defending
    Have a Group of Users split up into a certain floors of the Arena as a defending Team Ex:
    Top = Stone Sword W/ Food
    2nd = Boxing W/ Food
    1st = Boxing
    And a group of Other Players can Enter in as a Team to Invade, One floor at a Time.
    Whoever Dies is eliminated from the match, therefore, no re entering.
    Prizes Split Amog Team.
    Friendly Fire is Tolerated.

    Archers and Runners
    A Small Group of 1-3 Players w/ a Bow and 3 Stacks of Arrows (or More) will Charge in (only With Arrows, No Bow Whipping) and Destroy the Larger Opposing Team of Runners(4-6) , Who can only dodge and Jump not Punch.
    If the Archers kill all the Runners, They Win.
    if the Archers Run out of arrows, the Runners Win
    if Any fall in lava, cannot Rejoin the Game
    Prize is shared with whoever is still Living in the same team (or All of the Team)
    Cannot Rejoin if KIA or By Accident.
    Friendly Fire is Tolerated.

    Staff vs Mayors + Residents + Builders
    Like the Title
    Can Use Any Weapons and Food, and Armor
    Staff Cannot have Invincibility, or Rejoin the Match, or Fly.
    Friendly Fire is Tolerated :].

    These are my Ideas About the Future Tournaments in the EcoCiry PVP Arena, Hopefully You'll Like an Idea.
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    I like the idea of PVP games.